Friday, 29 July 2011

Simply Observations

After watching bits and pieces of the debt ceiling episode this week....I've come to the conclusion that the senate will not act in any positive manner to meet the deadline.  They want the Republicans to simmer in some kind of mess for a while. can tell that a number of folks are calling up their Democratic senators and harping on the fact that they represent some state and not some party....and this invitation to a bond rating decrease isn't exactly a positive thing for the state or its residents.  In my humble mind, I see the government shutting down next week and a good long three week period where the mess gets worse each day. The bond rating decrease is virtually guaranteed in my mind.

The British national health care system came up and admitted they are now rationing operations.  You won't be getting knee or hip operations unless you meet their idea of the best weight for your height (meaning you might have fifty pounds to lose with serious knee or hip pain as part of your issues to start with).  There's an entire list of these limited operations up on The Independent.  At some point, the reporter hints that doctors are wondering how their patients will take this news....which kinda makes you laugh that they'd even care.  The British system is broke and won't be fixed except by cutting services.  The positive side?  Within ten years....half of all Brits will be mostly doped up on pain-killers and smiling all day long with various ailments or pain....thus saving the nation billions in operations cost.  I'm actually thinking this might be the best way for America to proceed forward with it's health care woes.

Finally from my home state of Bama....Birmingham is almost up for bankruptcy.  With $3.2 billion owed....the odds of them ever paying this zero.  The root cause is the famous sewage system that was built for a town around three times the size of Birmingham, and a bunch of dimwit political folks who really didn't grasp nothing much about taxes, or building sewage plants.  They trimmed up services by a significant the point that if you did sell a car and wanted to transfer'd have to waste a minimum of four hours at the local government office in doing so.  Will bankruptcy do much of anything?  I have doubts.  It'll take a decade for locals to get over this.  Meanwhile, most all of the political folks who really screwed up....have just continued on or retired.  No punishment worth mentioning.