Monday, 1 August 2011

Simply Observations

This missing kid up in New Hampshire....Celina Cass. For several days, I've been watching this story. It's an odd deal as it developed. Eleven-year old kid disappears over night from her house. No break-in. Her dad was in the hospital, with mother and step-father in the house. Small community. Everyone knows each other. Typically, it's always someone from the house or the neighbor who I kept waiting for the shoe to fall on this. Today, the news folks finally came out and admitted that the step-father had been arrested about a decade ago....he has schizophrenia and was arrested for threatening an ex-girlfriend. Curious deal....he convinced the judge it was his time in the Air Force, then he was sent off for treatment rather than going for a real prison-like case. But then I read up on how he threatened the girl-friend.....he climbed into the house....tossed over the bed....then threatened to kill her. Naturally, there's no doubt in my mind about this step-father being involved. Here this afternoon....they apparently found the body of the kid. So I'll make this simple observation....if you are a mother with kids....and start dating someone with bi-polar or are about as dumb as a brick. Sure, ten percent of the two groups might be capable of taking their drugs....but the other ninety percent are a threat to you and your kids. Why would you be that stupid?

Here in DC....we finally got some minor brilliance showing with the public transportation sector. Union Station...our DC train station....agreed to allow Greyhound, Bolt Bus, MegaBus, and just about any bus company who wants to share in the deal....a chance to pick-up passengers at the train station. So I can take the subway over to DC....jump onboard a bus, pay $28, and be in New York City in roughly four hours. With MegaBus....there are twenty-odd cities that I might be able to travel to. All from the comforts of the train station.

Sometimes, you need a good German bashing. Today...the German policeman's union came out and said that these full-up body scanners (the nude body scanner that we all hate in the US)....has not improved Airport security. In fact....with the test run at the Hamburg Airport....they came to the conclusion that there were so many of these false alarms....that they actually slowed down operations, rather than speed them up. Now, the TSA folks will be furious about this....mostly because they've spent hundreds of millions on this. The commercial company behind the gadget? I'm guessing that they are grinning a bit and not wanting to comment in public right now. multiple-layered clothing, Oh, and if you were wondering where the gadget kinda fails? Zippers, metal buttons, studs, and multi-layered clothing. You'd basically have to walk up in underwear and a pass with absolutely no issues. The curious thing for me? The Pentagon has bought the same scanners and intends to "do" us within the next couple of months.

The real shocker of this debt package worked up by all the big-boys? It's only 74 pages long. Here was the Obama-care medical package from last year.....2,700-odd pages. And this one is only 74 pages long. Heck.....a 14-year old kid could actually read this one in fifty minutes....not that they'd understand it.