Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Acceptable Risks

Around the region where I grew up....yesterday....there was a serious  and deadly accident.  There was this retired NASA engineer who got the itch to go out and buy a ultra-light.  He had arrived at some local airstrip up around Fayetteville, TN.  He assembled the ultra-light in precise fashion, and then cranked it up.  According to press reports....he'd taken a couple of take-offs and landings....practicing.  Folks were quick to admit then, that he'd never flown the ultra-light until Tuesday morning.  At some point around 1PM, things went crashed, and Larry Sheaks met an untimely end.

To be honest, I think seventy-five percent of all guys would readily accept a Ultra-light....without any training...and rush down to some flat area of a farm or field to test their new "toy".  Only by most of them survive the first initial flight.  Most simply read a pamphlet or get ten minutes of orientation by another guy who never got any official training himself.

If you ponder upon this have to realize that it's a dream of guys to simply fly in a high-risk situation.  It doesn't matter if you have a PhD or spent forty years in the nuclear fusion business....most guys are willing to accept this kind of risk.

There's likely to be an investigation over the incident with Mr Sheaks and maybe there was faulty gear or maybe he just plain ran out of fuel.  You just don't know.  My guess is that if he had survived the crash.....he would have been right back here within four months....attempting another flight.  It's just the way that guys are wired up to think....acceptable risks are more the norm than the exception.      

The End of Peter Parker?

Marvel Comics has made a decision to kill Peter Parker...aka Spiderman.  Naturally, you just kill Peter Parker, not Spiderman they have to introduce a new guy to be Spiderman.

This is where Miles Morales comes into play...our mild-mannered black Latino kid, who is half-black, half-Latino and half-spider (kinda like Man-bear-pig from South Park).  Oh, and there is this little hint that he might be half-gay as well.  He becomes the new Spiderman.

It's mostly a joke but they've done this with Superman and Captain killing off some character always brings up new readers for some odd reason.  My guess is that real Peter Parker fans will mostly laugh over this "half of a half of a half" joke and eventually....Marvel will have to bring Peter Parker back and retire this kid Miles Morales or make him into the evil Spiderman....just to make things interesting.