Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Water Laws

It likely won't make the national news or even the Washington Post....but the Iranian cops got real tough this weekend....arresting 17 young men and women.

Violation?  A water fight, with water pistols and some beach-theme park in Iran.  The cops decided after the arrest that five of the folks could be let go....probably because they were women.  But there's to be some tough sentences handed out for acts forbidden by the Muslim religion and insulting police officers.

I sat for a while reading over four versions of the story.  Added to this mess....they were taking pictures and pumping them out via Facebook to their buddies.  Iranian cops.....via Muslim rules....apparently can view Facebook.

Some guy....apparently the head of the morality police in Iran....warned that cops would act with force if ensure such events don't happen in public.  This naturally would make everyone feel safe, that water-gun fights were going to be stopped....come hell or high water.

I tried to imagine a country that had laws (passed by bigger dimwits than our Republicans or Democrats) that forbid water-gun fights.  It's hard to imagine this.  Then I tried to imagine some police chief walking around and telling everyone to feel safe because his morality police are on the ball....protecting life and society in Iran.  It's a comical episode for the most part.

You can imagine mullahs walking around and talking up a storm about protecting society from water-guns. Even the biggest fools in Iran will just sit there and just grinning up a storm.....then laughing until they fall on the floor....with tears in their eyes.

Yes, Iran must fight the evil Americans, the evil Christians, the evil water-gun manufacturers, and just about anyone else who might be out to have fun on some beach on a hot day.

For some reason, I'm think Muhammad is sitting around at the gates of heaven....mostly viewing this and shaking his head.  He'd liked to have had a water-gun back 2,000 years ago, but things just weren't that technical then.  I'm guessing he'd like to have a face-to-face chat with the mullahs.....but things like that just aren't possible.  Meanwhile, the mullahs are likely ordering their own water-guns and hope to have secret water fights within the basement areas of mosques.  Life will never be the same.

Just a Hint

It came as an odd thing to me....asking what countries still have a "AAA" bond rating...and then finding the answer.  There's this list of the safe AAA countries and the unsafe AAA countries.  So the countries on the unsafe level of AAA?

Austria is one of the unsafe AAA countries....with almost eighty percent of it's GDP as debt (fairly unsafe territory to be standing).  Finland got on the list because of a aging population and very limited export capability.  France and the UK both got on the list....mostly because of pension issues, tax reforms that never come, and debts that keep rising.  So we were in good company with the UK, France, Austria, and Finland.

The completely safe countries?  Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Canada.  Now what you should know about most of these countries....they have significant debt in relationship to their GDP (way less than the US though).....but most of them have low unemployment rates.  In essence, they've kept a friendly environment with companies and didn't hint around every three minutes of another construction code change, another tax reform effort on companies, or flip-flopping on national politics.

So, some countries are doing the right thing, and the US is way out worse shape than Finland.  This ought to make political dimwits from both parties nervous, and wanna jump on a plane quickly to conduct survey of Finland, drink some Finnish booze, and hustle up some expert Finnish economic experts.

After reading through this.....I've come to three basic suggestions for the President:

1.  Fire Timmy, our White House economics expert and actually go to Finland and hire some Finnish guy for two years.  I know a bunch of American economists will be upset, but maybe it's time to get fresh prospectives on things.  A Finnish guy might actually be a bit of fresh air.

2.  All of the 'safe' countries on the AAA rating episode....have a pretty clear tax reform code deal.  Maybe it's time to do what the experts have told Washington for thirty years....really and truly reform the tax code. I'm not talking about adding 10k pages onto the present code.  I'm saying clear the 70k pages entirely and just start totally fresh.

3.  Even though I hate to suggest it....but all of the 'safe' countries have zero military presence outside of their borders.  They refuse to pay for anyone's else needs in terms of defense.  Maybe it's time to bring half the troops overseas....back home.  It's alot cheaper to have 37k US troops from South Korea in Texas....than in South Korea.