Monday, 8 August 2011

Simply Observations

With the 500 point drop on the DOW deserves a moment of analysis.  The President and the Democrats point out that this is a reflection of the Tea Party rather than anything else.  If one does want to believe this....then it's small number.....a third-rate...."rinky-dink" group of Americans who understand nothing about the way America operates that has caused the AAA rating to go AA-plus.  It's like saying that three AAA-level players from Huntsville arrive at the major league-level and carry their team onto the World Series.  It's a nice fantasy....but it's all a fantasy, with no element of reality.  Either they are totally insignificant as the Democrats claim....or they are a major the Democrats also claim....but they can't be both at the same time.

Not a huge deal...but it makes you wonder.  A guy in Germany....from Jena got taken this weekend to the hospital.  The cops did a blood test because he looked pretty drunk at the scene.  His blood alcohol level....was .59 percent.  This was actually ten times the legal driving limit.  Typically, .30 is enough to kill a guy.  You have to admire this guy....still surviving after having this much in his system.

Finally, for those who didn't pay attention to the final part of the debt deal.....this might surprise you.  If the super-committee isn't able to come to an agreement....there's a free-pass given to Medicare and Social Security cuts for January.  Every cut necessary....comes from the Pentagon and other agencies that remain.  So if you take out roughly 35 percent of the budget that you can't carve on....that means the remaining 65 percent must achieve all the cuts.  You can imagine the comical game of massive cuts coming up in January, with lots of furious anger from both parties over what each did to screw things up.  So.....more of the same.....just double what you saw in July.

He Would Have Won

Friday night, I sat and watched an interview with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  If you remember back a year or two ago....this was the guy who whispered about as being a potential Presidential candidate.  He gave good inteviews.  Folks around South Carolina liked him....even though they typically vote Democrat.  Sanford gave great speeches.  And the guy could actually make sense on various policies without much effort.  He was a four-star Republican.

Naturally, as you'd imagine in most cases....guys like this screw things up.  Mark Sanford happened to meet some gal from Argentina a couple of years prior to this, and got all hot and peppered over her.  So Mark cooked this great story of how he was going to walk the Appalachian Trail.  He just said he was going, and would not have any cell phones with no contact for at least a week.  Then he runs down....jumps on the plane, and flies off to Argentina.  Things unfold and this all got figured out.

Folks in South Carolina were terribly upset, having voted for some idiot like this.  His wife was pretty sore, and started divorce proceedings.  Folks were hoping to fire him but he just stayed on and finished out his term.  As far as anyone was concerned.....Mark Sanford's political career was finished.  You can't find anyone much in the state who would vote for the guy.

I sat and watched him on Friday.  He gave an impressive interview.  By the end, you really felt bad because this was the one guy who could out-talk, out-think, and out-speak the President.  Sadly, he bumped into some Argentine gal and goofed everything up.  This was the Republican who could have easily won the 2012 election.