Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Word About Waivers

Back around nine years ago....this No Child Left Behind law became effective.  It was one of the five big Bush era accomplishments....or at least they will tell you that.

Eventually, and this took a while....folks got around to realizing that a fair amount of cheating was being done by teachers and administrators.  That was the only way that they could look outstanding or improving.  Officials throughout America are disturbed by the trend, and they need relief.  So they are asking the Obama administration....to waiver them from testing mandates.  It appears very likely that the Secretary of Education will find some magical non-existent waiver program in his pocket, and just give the schools the ability to opt out of testing.  So in effect...the No Child Left Behind law dissolves....even though congress didn't approve the waiver.

That's how things work in America.  If you can't fix something....you waiver it....with imaginary waivers that are non-existent and not stamped legal by Congress.

I paused over this.  There are a lot of kids who don't pass their driving test.  Why couldn't we waiver that and just hand them a license with an imaginary waiver?

There are a lot of college kids who booze it up and party through four years and just can't graduate.....so why couldn't we waiver them with an imaginary waiver?

There are a lot of folks with home loans that way beyond what they can ever pay.....so why can't we waiver them with imaginary payments of some type from the government?

There are a lot of folks with cars in bad shape and facing a vehicle inspection by the state.....so why can't we waiver them with an imaginary inspection waiver?

There are a lot of idiot Congressmen and Senators who face a dismal re-election in 2012.....why can't we waiver them so they can just skip the election?

The bottom line?  Never raise your standards beyond reality....otherwise, you fail the objective and look bad.  Keep the standards low, so we can match our educational agenda up with Tonga....a respected third-world country in the Pacific.