Sunday, 14 August 2011

Old Statues Turned into New Statues

Over in Sofia, Bulgaria last week....some artist took most of an evening....and painted up a Russian soldier statue.  The authorities are pretty upset about this.  You've got Santa in the middle with binoculars, Superman encouraging folks to rush up, and Ronald McDonald holding a beer bottle of sorts.

I looked at this for a while and came to this opinion.  A guy has to sit at a bench in front of something like this for a long time....thinking and pondering....then planning the whole color scheme and how'd things be accomplished in just three or four hours.  He might have two or three buddies but this is a small group.

I'm guessing as the sun rose over the statues.....they gazed and had a beer or two.  The portrayal is a big accomplishment.  Removing the paint?  Well...if this was spray-on....I'm thinking it might take a major effort to remove all this paint and return everything to normal.  The other curious thing that I'm that this will take off and thousands of statues across the globe might be painted up in a different fashion.  

All done because an artist guy just had too much time on his hands.