Monday, 15 August 2011

Upon the Kindness of Strangers

Most folks from Alabama will tell you that the greatest thing about life in that out of the clear blue....when you desperately need some'll be there.  There's this interesting story that you might want to read, concerning the kindness of strangers.

I blogged a few weeks ago about our former Alabama governor who got into a motorcycle accident in Alaska.  He ended up in the hospital and was actually in pretty serious condition.

Bob Riley is one of those rare political figures who generally says whats on his mind and lays out issues honestly.  If he was ten years younger, I'd imagine that he'd on campaign trail for President right now.  In January after finishing up his governor's job.....he kind of pulled out the "bucket list" that he had and things he wanted to do be the end of his life.

High on this "bucket list" was to travel to the extreme far north of motorcycle.  From Bama to Alaska isn't exactly a short fun ride.  It actually takes a lot out of a guy.

At some point, along some Alaskan gravel road, Bob misjudged things a bit, and because of rain.....Bob lost control.  He was down, and a bit hurt.

Somehow, in the midst of nowhere, this truck comes out and this couple (Steve DeMolen and his girlfriend, Delany Smith) appear.  Steve and Delany agree that this is fairly bad and end up helping awful lot.

As they are driving Bob roughly 110 miles to the nearest hospital (an awful far distance based on the kindness of strangers)....Steve and Delany are trying their best to keep this stranger they are helping awake. He's got internal injuries and they just keep talking.  At some point, they finally get around to asking him what he does for a living, which Bob had kind of failed to mention (he's not exactly a guy known outside of Bama).

He finally fessed up at this point....."I was the governor of the state of Alabama.”

At this point, both Steve and Delany got a different prospective on things.  The quote from Steve?  “We both looked at each other.  I pushed the pedal down harder.”

After you read through the entire story and realize just how much this couple did to ensure Bob's delivery to a end up being kind of amazed.  But then, for most folks from Bama.....the kindness of strangers is what we live by.  And if some former Alaskan governor ended up in a ditch by our house....we'd likely take just as many actions to help the guy out....just because we believe in the kindness of strangers concept.