Monday, 12 September 2011

Dumbing Down?

Some smart guys sat down and did this scientific survey with 4-year old punk kids.  They found sixty-odd kids and told them to either watch Sponge Bob, or the slow moving cartoon Caillou or just draw pictures.  They eventually came to this discovery of sorts.....that Sponge Bob causes issues, if you just watch nine minutes of it.  You, the punk 4-year old....end up with short-term attention and learning problems.

The guys who draw and make Sponge Bob....stood up and said that they draw it mostly for six-to-eleven year old kids, and adults.  Sadly for those science folks.....they didn't survey they can't say if adults end up with short-term attention and learning issues.

I sat and pondered over this.  I have to admit that I've kinda watched Sponge Bob over the past four years.  It worried me a bit....perhaps I now suffer from short-term attention and learning issues.  So this brought to another issue.....could this have been intentionally designed?  What if the Chinese had discovered this Sponge Bob issue twenty years ago and secretly conceived the concept to bring into dumb us down a notch or two.  What if Sponge Bob led onto some reality show?  What if the reality show led onto MSNBC?  What if MSNBC led onto Lady GaGa?  Could this all be a Chinese conspiracy to dumb a nation down?

So, I'm convinced the best thing to switch from Sponge Bob to Huckleberry Hound, and switch from reality shows to old Burt Reynolds movies.  For news?  Just stick with Fox News.  And for Lady GaGa?  You probably want to switch back over to Blue Grass music.

Just my humble opinion.

A Moment To Ponder

With one of the President's top ideas for our job recovery being this tax advantage for hiring folks that have been long have to sit and put yourself into some guy's shoes.

Joe, from Mighty Joe's Burgers....he's sitting there and barely making any business with six full-time employees and six part-time employees.  So without any business upswing, from hungry customers, where is the logic of hiring another guy or two?

Karl, who owns twelve hotels and has seen a marginal occupancy rate for eighteen months....unless there was a upswing on guests...when will he hire new employees?

Luis, the second generation American from Honduras?  His pizza shop has been on a bare minimal profit margin for twelve long months.  Is there any logical reason to hire a single new employee?

Doug and Marvin, the two gay guys who own the marina down by the lake?  They've lost fifteen percent of their business since 2008.  Every month....some company arrives to pick up another boat that was long-term docked there....and bring it back to the company.  Any logical chance that they might hire a new employee?

Terry, Cindy, and Wendy?  The three sisters who own a grocery in the rurals of the Ozarks?  The only increase on customers are mostly food-stamp folks.  The other regulars are rarely shoping and mostly looking for big-name groceries who offer two-for-one coupon days which the sisters can't possibly offer.  They won't hire anyone.

Erving's book shop in Charleston?  From the six full-time employees in 2007....he's down to two employees now, and probably won't even think about the President's deal unless he clears thirty thousand in profit this year.

The problem is that job growth for the small capital and medium capital business across America just isn't happening.  Their confidence isn't there.  It wasn't there in 2010.  It wasn't there in 2009.  And I doubt if it'll be there at the end of 2012.  And without their cooperation, it's hard to see the US government bringing folks back into a positive mode.