Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Politics in the News

There are two interesting pieces today.  First, as Representative Anthony Wiener left DC and most Democrats thought the replacement race in NY City was a cake-walk, with a Democratic replacement likely....they were wrong.  Numbers this morning indicate that the Republican won with 54 percent of the vote.  

So you have to scratch your head.  It's a mostly Democratic district.  They had ample time to find a decent candidate.  The Democrats should have won.  So you can imagine a dozen major strategy guys sitting around now.....wondering what November of 2012 will bring.  Could that Perry guy actually win?  Could Romney carry the entire south?  

The second story is that suggestion by Senator Harry Reid that the President's jobs bill may not pass.  The bill, which was supposed to booster confidence....hasn't yet found confidence amongst political figures.  

I sat and pondered over how the Republicans should play this card game.  So my solution is simple.  Have Mitch McConnell and John Boehner meet up with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  They offer up a strange deal.

The House Republicans would take the entire bill presented by the President and alter nothing but adding one brief sentence at the very end.  They hand it to Nancy Pelosi and suggest that they will promise to the precise number of votes to help her vote the bill into effect, if she can get all 100 percent of the House Democrats to vote for the bill.  If she got all her votes up, then the Republicans would find just the precise number to help her out.  Added to this deal....the Democrats can't alter a single word of the President's text or the last line of the bill.  

So they turn to Harry Reid, and tell him that if he can get all 100 percent of his Democratic Senators to vote.....they then will find the precise number of Republican votes to make the President's bill to pass.  They also will be limited to not altering the bill at all.  The last line of the bill that Boehner would add?  The Senate would be limited to precisely three days to discuss and pass.....or the bill would be null and void.  

In effect, the "pass-this-bill" mentality would be forced over onto Pelosi and Reid.  You can imagine them all standing there in total shock that the Republicans would be so evil to actually intend to pass this with no alterations.  

So as summer comes in 2012, with this bill in effect for six-plus months.....and no improvement on jobs, the President would be sitting there and asking his financial wiz kids when exactly the jobs bill would kick in to produce jobs.  The boys would mostly grin and admit that by taxing companies to pay for the jobs bill, that counter-acted any hope of real jobs coming out of this.  The President would then order up a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and just sit at the White House Patio that night....wondering how he ever got into this mess.  

Just my humble suggestion.