Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Time Issue

Word this week came out about the potential discovery....that sub-atomic particles just might travel faster than light.  What's the simple talk here?  Well....some folks suggest now that time-travel would be possible if this is proven to be true.  But the experts might be able to transmit a message to the past....not a person.

I sat and pondered.  In twenty years....we just might have the ability to transmit a 140-character message into the past....say forty years ago. Perhaps sent at the beginning of the computer age in America.  So you sit there and imagine Professor Jones sitting at some computer and he gets this message....kill Ossama bin Laden at all cost prior to 9-11.  Or maybe it's a message to toss out chad-ballot voting in Florida entirely.  The question is....will Professor Jones understand this or just think it's a bogus message.

Perhaps another version of this is a 3-minute AM radio broadcast....suggesting that Reagan will be shot by a nut in 1981.

The problem is....we start to manipulate trigger other possible events.  You stop "A" but you then trigger "B" or "C".  It's like messing with a Duncan-Hines cake mix.  You just might make it worse than what you had to start with.

I'm always curious about this time-travel business.  It started with The Time Tunnel TV show in the 1960s. They made thirty episodes before it ended.  Later on came various episode on the Star Trek series.

The curious thing is that we've probably got a thousand men on this Earth.....thinking long and hard on how to make time-travel possible.  They might invest ten hours a month....they might invest a hundred hours a month.  They would all like to make this happen.

I've of the opinion that it just might not be in our best interest.  Oh, I personally wouldn't mind just picking the 1880's and just going back permanently....never coming back....and not changing much of anything.  But once you start to stir the pot and actually change just can't predict what kind of new mess you might walk into, or what next magnificent trouble might come out of thin air.