Monday, 26 September 2011

The Way We Are

One of the things that came out this past week....out of the Arlington area...concerns the Arlington Cemetery. Apparently....for all these years....they didn't have an answering machine.  When I heard this comment....I just sat back in amazement.

So the story goes....that when business over the past fifteen to twenty years started to pick up and folks had a loved one to die who wanted to be buried in Arlington....they'd try to call the Cemetery and find out how to make that happen.  The dimwits who ran the facility....had one such number that you could call, and unless you happened to get through at the right couldn't get details or start arrangements.  Naturally, if you lived in the local'd just drive over and plant yourself at their desk to make sure things happened.

It's about the most stupid thing that I ever heard.  The Army kinda agreed....they have cleaned up shop and fired most folks who were problems at the Cemetery.  So this past week, voice mail or an answering service....has been implemented.

Answering machines have been around for thirty years.  Voice mail has been around since 2005.

Course, these are the same guys who ran the inventory of the Cemetery on 3x5 cards, and only recently have gone to a fancy database on a computer.

This all brings me around to just how technology-smart America really is.  I suspect that at best.....between the ages of 21 and 65....may only sixty percent really know how to operate a computer.  I suspect that twenty percent still don't know how to operate a VCR or a cellphone.  And I suspect that barely half the adult population can operate a digital camera.

Sadly, a number of these are folks in management positions or actually running small business operations.   So we just might be at the same level of the folks in Bolivia