Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Terra Nova and Reality

Last night....with my finger on the Dallas and Washington game button, I tended to spend most of my time watching Fox's Terra Nova....a time-travel-dinosaur adventure show....it's first of the new season.

So, here's the problems with this 'epic'.  First, the show starts with the Earth about 140 years in the future.  They've climate-changed themselves into heck, with carbon filling most of the atmosphere, and it's a pretty miserable place to live.  They really ask here to bend over backwards and believe this start of the entire show.

Then you come to the family unit.  A typical Chicago cop married to some fancy-pants doctor who likely spent $1.9 million to get her PhD degree (this is 2150 or such, you know).  The cop gets arrested for assaulting another law enforcement guy, and sent off for five or six years of prison.  The wife comes up two years later....all peppy....she's got a job offer where the family can go to dinosaur-land....85 million years in the past (without the husband), and no option to return.  The husband escapes and joins up with the family....just fifteen seconds away from their slingshot toss back 85 million years.  Yep, makes perfect sense.

Then you get introduced to all kinds of bad dinosaurs....where folks don't have a 50-cal gun to take them down.  They just keep shooting the bad dinosaurs.....and they just don't fall down much.  You'd think that folks would have just one or two 50-cal guns.....but apparently, you just aren't allowed those in the future, or the past.

Then you get tossed these red herring-type markers.  There's a probe that should have shown up in the 2150 and never did....so everyone thinks that the time they've arrived in....is mostly just another version of life....not their life.

Then I came to the end....thinking, it's odd here that you pick 85 million years ago.  Sooner or later in this period....some meteor lands on Earth and destroy most of life as we know it.  So, the logic of picking this era?  I kept thinking.....all of these idiots will die via a meteor....either in season two, three, four, or five.   It's pretty essential to the whole story, if you think about it.

So, to be honest, I'm really not bought on Terra Nova.  I'm admitting I'm not hooking on much of any new TV show for the season.  And I'm not even hooked on Two and a Half Men anymore with this dopey replacement dude.

Yep, it's Ice-Road-Truckers....on the History Channel for me again.

My Town

We had an unusual episode in DC yesterday.  Down at some GSA building in town.....a toilet exploded.  Apparently, some gal was sitting on it and based on the news stories....a high pressure situation occurred.  This gal was hurt in some fashion, and an ambulance ended having to be brought out.  Based on the story, I assume they carried her off.  No one on the condition of the lady.

I'm hoping the best for her....but I'm hoping she's got a good lawyer.  It's a million-dollar wound and the government will have to face up to a pretty serious legal situation.

There's no way that she'll just return to work.  The sheer embarrassment will be enough to keep her from doing that, and I assume that this might be later rated as a "disability".

There is another side of this story.  The facility folks will have a safety team to arrive and ask four hundred questions.  Who last checked the toilet?  Who messed with the water pressure?  Who certified the work?  These are issues that you really don't want to answer.

But here's the final thing for folks to worry about.  If it happened once....could it happen again?  Would you walk into such a toilet?  I'm guessing that every woman in that building will think several minutes about the need to attend to some personal needs.  Nobody will flush anything unless they are standing three feet away.  Fear of using the toilet?  That's really a problem that none of us prefer to deal with.

Only in America.

If Only We Could Agree

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

--North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue

I sat there for five minutes....looking at this quote and the meaning of it.  What Bev (Governor Bev Perdue) wants to grasp....is that Constitutionally, things are concreted down pretty hard....but dang it....we need to suspend the Constitution and fix our current problems.

It's a fair statement of sorts.  I seem to remember some German guy from the 1930s....running Germany, and making the same decision for the country.

My honest perception is that Bev didn't attend many high school civics classes.  Her profession is a hospital administrator type job, so I'm fairly confident that she never had to take any history or government classes in college.  So she's lacking in Constitutional understanding.  And if you asked her to detail out the Electoral College....she'd just grin and admit that wasn't on her knowledge list.

The question to ask....why just suspend it for two years?  Why not six or ten years?  This would allow everyone to take firm positions.  And the Senators?  Well....you could allow them to stay ten years.  And the President?  Maybe twelve years.

Once you start to toss this rule and that rule with the Constitution....then you start to wonder about all of these little non-essential stupid rules.

So tonight, Governor Bev is sitting there....sipping on a Cherry Coke, and thinking about what she said.  Maybe she was on medication today.  Maybe there was just a bit of humor in her suggestion.  Maybe she meant every word but now regrets it.

Only in America.     

The Stuff That Legends Are Made Of

It was one of those five-star stories that you want to fall into place and happen.  Our recently awarded Medal of Honor winner....Marine Sgt Dakota Myer, came out and admitted that he wanted a career change.  He didn't want to stay in the Marines for a career.  Someone asked him what he wanted to do in life...and he said he'd like to be a New York City fireman.  It's a odd choice....considering that he is from Kentucky.  But his intentions hit a brick wall.....the application period for applying....to cover the next four years....had just expired.  Then, some New York folks....always prone to find will and a way....asked a judge to reopen the time period.  The New York City judge didn't see an issue.

You can imagine this scripted movie.  Marine saves 30-odd men in Afghanistan firefight....gets awarded the Medal of Honor, then turns around and become a New York City fireman.  It's a Gary Cooper script if you ask me.

New York City begs for guys like this....bigger than life.

The curious thing though....is that you are taking a guy from Kentucky, and moving him into New York City.  If I went around Bama and asked a thousand guys about the aspiration of moving to New York City....there might be a hundred guys who dream of such a fantasy, but less than ten of the thousand would take the big step.  Usually, it's guys who are pumped up to be an actor, or broadway singer.  But to be fireman?  You just don't find guys like that.

My guess is that he'll make the final cut, and a year from now....finally get the call to attend the academy.  He'll have no trouble and sometime in 2013....he'll be an honest-to-God New York City fireman.  I'm thinking they ought hire up a reporter to run with his crew because he just might continue on with his heroic tendencies.  It's the stuff legends are made of.

My Neighborhood

A strange event occurred over in Alexandria, Virginia last week.  We had a local community activist, Lenny Harris, who got a cellphone call on Wednesday....then announced that he had to attend to some business.  Then he disappeared.  So far, the only thing to turn up.....was his cellphone....found on the local Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  His car?  Hasn't been seen.

We are up to seven days now.....that the guy hasn't been seen.  His wife came out on TV yesterday and asked for public help in finding the guy.

No one identified who made the call to Harris to start this episode....which I find kinda interesting.  My guess was that it was another cellphone...without a name attached to it.  His recent upsurge in community affairs?  Well....it's a curious thing.  Lenny had started dumping on a increase in crime within a community of Alexandria.  He wanted more public attention, more city attention, and more police protection for the area.  I'd hate to suggest that he picked on some crowd and got them terribly upset, but frankly at this point, you just sit there and wonder how a guy and his car up and disappears so easily.