Thursday, 29 September 2011

Me for a Nobel Economic Prize?

I came to this huge moment of pondering this morning....between bacon and hash browns....over the huge issue of taxing the rich.

A whole bunch of rich folks are begging the President to tax them even more....which sounds a bit idiotic if you ask me.  Then it hit me.....there's no need for Congress or the President to get involved in this mess.  On the normal tax forms that rich folks fill you and me.....there's the area for tax credits.  If you are a rich billionaire-kind-of-guy.....simply skip putting in tax credits on the form, and you automatically pay more.

Yep, just skip filling in a dozen credits.....and you likely pay an extra $500k here, and $17 million there, and maybe $88 million over there.  There you save America, just by skipping tax credits.  No hassle in the House or save America.

Naturally, some folks will want to nominate me for a Nobel Prize, which I will decline.  The idea is simple....and I imagine that Warren Buffet would be first in line to skip the credits.  Well.....maybe.

DC's Next Generation

Statistics always interest me, although this is a pretty negative number.  They reported yesterday in the DC area....after consulting with local DC kids in middle school....that around twelve percent of them have contemplated suicide in the past year.

I sat there....looking over this age group of twelve to fourteen year old kids, and this number really doesn't make much sense.

DC is a lousy place for a kid to grow up.  It's a massive urban zone, where corruption in local government runs rampant.  Your role models?  Mostly losers who wear suits, talk political, and run from one scandal to another.    Half of the district is a place that you'd prefer to avoid after 10PM.  There are various areas that you'd best avoid twenty-four hours a day.  About every five days, you've got some death from a shooting or assault....and in half the cases, the guy walks away.

The future of the district?  The political folks are talking about legalizing the sale of medicinal grass as an "impact" move.  The local political figures have worked up various schemes to legalize online betting.  You've got various local groups who are up in arms about Wal-Mart coming to the district and don't want anything to do with their arrival.  It's like living in a third-world country (sorry, Bolivia.....we are almost in your league).

Yeah, these punk kids are looking around at the future of living in DC....and really don't see much.  The sad thing is that you could take the kid out to the middle of Iowa, and they'd probably see a pretty positive light on life and what communities have to offer.  But no one wants to offer one-way tickets to district folks to leave.

Only in America.

The Plot

This is what we know.  This physics graduate, Rezwan Ferdaus, from an area around Boston (26 years old) decided he wanted to commit jihad.  Naturally, being a smart guy about this business...he went to a web site and apparently got into some serious chat business....with an undercover FBI guy.

"Rez" got led around.  What he basically had....was determination and an idea.....and nothing else.  He wanted to conduct jihad on the Pentagon with this model plane assembly unit.  I looked at the's not the typical small scale's actually a fair-sized unit.  You could probably put twenty pounds of some plastic explosive into it (my humble opinion).  He'd fly it via some type of radio system....into the building.

Naturally...since I work in the Pentagon, I'm kinda concerned about the concept of this plan.  But, like most Islamic guys.....he really didn't even get to first base.

As the smoke is clearing, you start to notice a number of problems with "Rez".  At twenty-six....he still lives at home.  The FBI walked up and presented papers....and were tearing apart dad's house this morning.

As you assemble "Rez's" path to glory....he had some decent soccer skills and ended getting a scholarship of sorts to a local college....eventually getting a degree in physics.   You would think that a guy would have a pretty open path at that point, but a loser, he didn't get too far.  After college, his chief occupation ended up being this drummer job with a local band.  I doubt if he ever took home more than $1200 a month, although maybe I'll be proven wrong on that account.  A degree in physics usually gets you something in life....better than drummer in a band.

So the FBI ends up with this dimwit who admitted to them that while he wanted to commit jihad....he really didn't have any money.  One news clip today said that the guy had to ask the FBI undercover guy for some accomplish his trip to DC and conduct surveillance of the intended target.

In essence, the FBI end up with a guy who was a loser and dimwit....with a belief in jihad.  "Rez" will face up a serious court situation and could end up with twenty years in prison.  My guess is that the jury might see him as awful naive and challenge the concept that the FBI had a big player here....maybe the kid ends up with twelve years.

Dad?  Well....I'm thinking he's a bit peeved over the FBI messing with the house and he's really upset with "Rez" never getting an honest job as a physicist.  His likely comments over drummers being losers in life....may have a point now.

The end result?  The FBI saved us from another dimwit Islamic guy.  For better or worse, it's a positive thing.  And some federal prison up in the Boston region gets a new drummer for the prison band for the next twelve years.  Only in America.