Friday, 30 September 2011

You Had to Expect It

Word came out yesterday that a group is now after the Pentagon to accept transgender folks....dude-gals, she-males, he-females, etc.  While 'don't ask, don't tell' is completely gone.....the Pentagon still has some rules in place to forbid just about anything that gets to be awful kinky (exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias).

So when the first door was finally opened up and folks thought that things were really settled...they really weren't.

It is in a way....kind of comical.  You can imagine Sargent Snuffy coming up after three weeks of leave, and appearing in a woman's uniform.  He tells the Captain that he's had an operation and fulfilled his desire to be half-man, half-woman, and half-other (to cover any possible circumstances).  He wants to wear the women's uniform, use the women's latrine, and have respect.  The women in the building say NO way.  The guys in the building announce that they don't want Sargent Snuffy in their toilet, and things start to become serious just in the first hour of confrontation.

By lunch, the wing commander is attending to Sargent Snuffy's situation, and has a flight surgeon (Doc Karl) to examine Snuffy.  Doc Karl is awful impressed with the work and asks about how certain things function....mostly because they never covered this kind of stuff at the University of Texas.  By late in the day....Doc Karl confirms that Snuffy is neither male or female....thus making the wing commander's job twice as hard.  

They end up moving Sargent Snuffy over to some building which has an extra toilet and just give him two functions to perform while they figure this out.

There are comical and serious questions here.  What uniforms are authorized?  Does the Geneva Convention cover she-males?  When Snuffy accuses someone of making a pass....will it matter what sexual orientation the other person is?

But the door is now in a curious situation.  If you accept she-males....then you got to start accepting serious bondage folks, exhibitionism, and forty-four other kinky habits as ok within military circles.  My guess is that within a decade....just anything that you dream up....will have to be acceptable within the Pentagon.  As most of you know.....the Pentagon is always at the forefront of developing I'm guessing we will bring another twenty new and odd orientations.....that folks aren't even fantasizing about today.....and really push the envelope.  Relationships with ghosts or imaginary people will become acceptable.  Kinky things involving 120 watts of electricity will become acceptable.  And some elements of cannibalism will likely be openly discussed within the accept the five folks from New Mexico who have decided that they are fairly weird and need to serve the country.

Only in America.