Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Lesson on Political Plumbing?

"When you sit in the bathtub, and the water level in the toilet does rise, it’s a pretty good indication that you probably ought to cut the second dessert."

-- PBS's Mark Shields talking about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

I'm from Bama I sat and pondered over this statement.  I've seen Mr Shields on numerous occasions with the Inside Washington show.  Frankly, he's like your Uncle Bob....who hasn't been off the front porch for forty-four years and his advice tends to lack any common sense.

The statement here...looking at tub water and toilet water, and having some relationship between the a bit difficult to grasp.  Course, maybe this is some Marylandism or some Vermontism....and the locals all have a laugh over toilet water equaling tub water....maybe.

I'm guessing Mr Shields has saddled up with the idea that America needs a slim-Jim type character in the White House.  So the emphasis here is that you ought to vote for only slim guys....because they make the best presidents.  If that makes sense....then we'd best not vote for bald guys, wheelchair folks, gimpy gals, guys with tattoos on their arms, or guys who only wear $99 suits.  If this is the game-plan, then I'd suggest we toss out any idiot who doesn't know anything about business or failed economic plans as well.  There's about 300 more type folks that we ought to put on Mr Shield's list as well.

In the end, we might just end up with only one candidate to vote for, and this will make it pretty easy to vote.