Monday, 3 October 2011

Arab Spring?

For the last couple of days, I've been watching the protests in the Wall Street area of New York City, against the rich, against capitalism, and against forty-four other things (a hodgepodge of "against" topics).

The New York cops have arrested over 700 of them....but they just keep bringing more and more in.

What you tend to that most of the TV news folks avoid interviewing vast numbers of the crowd.  You get one person making a very brief two-line statement, and that's it.  I noticed this after five or six segments being reported via NBC, CNN and CBS.  Finally, I got around to Fox News.....who went out and they must interviewed at least forty people at the New York City protests.

It's an interesting thing.  After watching the clip provided by Fox News....I came away with three observations.  First, there's alot of folks at the protests who are there on medication (trust me, you can tell).  Either pills, marijuana, or whatever....but they've taken some pretty good stuff. Second, the amount of alcohol being consumed is also obvious.  They aren't completely drunk, but they are the very next stage away from that.  Third and final.....when you finally get the question across to the guy and they start to realize that they know nothing about capitalism, finance, banks, or reality.  After they tell you that they want to replace are anticipating them to add on what they'd replace it with.....but they never get to that point....they just blabber off onto some talking point that has no relationship.

This morning, I watched some think-tank analyst on NBC who wanted you to know that these protests are all related to "Arab Spring".  These were the events that brought down the Tunisian government, the Egyptian government, and the Libyan government.  The think-tank guy really wanted you to push the envelope and put these New York City guys in a pretty lofty plateau.

So I'm left with this logic provided by the think-tank guy.....all the Arab guys who did their business in the Middle East for the Arab Spring?  They must have all been drinking booze heavily and doping up on various medications as they did their protests.  And they must be dimwits and idiots like the guys in New York City.   For some odd reason, I just can't bring myself to think in such a manner.

My advice to the New York City Arab Spring players?  First, dump the booze.  As you talk in a drunken manner....nothing makes any sense.  You might as well protest the New York Yankees or the NASCAR circuit, it'd make just as much sense.  Second, drop the medications.  Try to make it eight straight hours without any dope in your system.  It'll help you act coherently in front of the cameras.  Third and final....when the dimwit reporter asks what to replace capitalism'd best have an answer.

I realize that a number of folks are angry about Wall Street and the banking establishment.....but they operate with the rules that Congress and the Senate gave them.  Ask them to pull out the rule book and you'd be shocked to tens of thousands of pages of rules.  Obviously, they've operated with what your friendly politicians have given them.  So, go over and talk to Senator Snuffy and Representative Bob....and ask them about the rules and regulations.  Both will smile at you and admit they don't know nothing about the rules they wrote.  And there in.....lies the real issue.

Finally, my advice to the think-tank guys who appear on national TV and want to pep up the crowd on Arab Spring in America.  You might want to stand back a minute and look at the comments that the protesters are making on TV.  If anyone really takes these people serious, then we've got an even bigger problem....respected dimwits running America.