Monday, 10 October 2011

Cult Politics?

Over the last few days.....we've finally gotten around to the discussion of Mormons, cults, and the Republican Party.  Most folks were holding their breathe and hoping that we'd make it to next summer before this came up.  Sadly, we are an impatient crowd.

Governor Rick Perry's Evangelical support.....Reverend Jeffress.....came out pretty strong and let everyone know that Mormons can only be cult members.  So the debate is on.....and it can only harm both Perry and Mitt Romney.

The truth of the matter is that most Republicans and Independents don't care about religion that least until you come to true southern states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.  Then, folks have this issue over your religion.  They want you to lay it out on the table.  A Catholic Republican making it in the south?  Unlikely.  Folks would want to discuss your situation and how you are going to hell in a hand-basket 

As for Mormons and the accusation of a cult?  It's a long and difficult story to go through and grasp.  Some guy finds some golden tablets hidden in the mountains.  Someone dreams up this idea to allow guys to marry multiple wives.  Some guy adds in the ten-percent donation as mandatory.  It leads you to ask some serious questions.  The problem is.....there are just as many questions with various Baptists and other denominations.  Once you raise the question of a cult.....then you start to look over everybody, and all kinds of problems start to pop up.

So we've got a problem here....where both Perry and Romney will stumble for the next month or two.....and only Herman Cain will gain from this mess.  And if you were curious....Herman is a Baptist.  So he can't lose on this whole discussion.....if he just keeps his mouth shut on it.