Thursday, 13 October 2011

Joe and the Bill

You can always expect some wisdom to come from VP Joe Biden.  Yesterday....up in Flint, Michigan, VP Joe came out and said that more rapes and murders might happen if President Obama's jobs bill is not passed.  How rapes and murders figure into a political bill....was not really explained.

I thought about this long and hard....pondering about what Joe said.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that more forest fires would occur as well.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that more volcanoes in Hawaii would explode.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that more Baptists would up and quit their churches, to join up with the Mormons.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that more Hooters might go out of business.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that NASCAR might become a sport in Iran.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that more Texans would pack up and move to Mexico.

If the bill is not passed.....I would speculate that VP Joe might actually get picked to VP for President Obama in 2012....mostly because no one else wants the job.

Yep, lots of things could happen.  Heck, Hee Haw might even return to CBS.

My Neighborhood

We had an odd episode yesterday.  This guy shows up in Fairfax county (just five miles from my area of Arlington) at this ladies house.  There is no known relationship between the two and the lady didn't seem to want to tell much of the story of this guy.  The thing is....when he left....he took $200 and her credit cards.  Naturally, she called the cops....the Virginia cops.  They typically get their man.

So they got on the main road and based on the car description....they found it kinda quick.  It's an odd thing....DC tags....personalized plates....with the number of "485" and a rose.  This DC low number and the rose typically equal a major player on the DC Mayor's team, or the city council members.  The car?   A newer model Mercedes and high-end (figure $60k minimum).

They chased him.  By this point, the lady let the cops know his nickname...."Boo".  She apparently started to tell more of the story.

The chase continued into Maryland eventually.  The guy just wasn't going to be stopped.  Eventually, with the help of the Maryland cops.....they stopped "Boo".  He didn't say much.  Several cop cars were damaged in this chase and none of the cops are telling much of the story.  Even stranger...only one of the local TV stations are carrying the story, and you almost get this impression that the local media are going to stay quiet on this for some odd reason.

You've got a potential big story with a DC political player who robbed some Virginia gal, and tried to make a get-away.  It's stuff you just can't make up.  And within two weeks?  All forgotten by the DC system.

The Whole Story

Last week, the Air Force came up to admit that they had this serious virus episode out at the base in Nevada that they run the unmanned drones out of.  They admitted in the press that they had run all the various programs and continually felt they had wiped out the virus, then it'd return within hours.  Nothing made any sense.

Yesterday, and I'm guessing it's after they brought in the "experts".....they came to announce that the virus had finally been totally wiped out.  It was a curious way of telling the end of the story.  They admitted it was a common malware virus that typically takes your log-ons and passwords for online gaming enterprises.

The reason why the virus kept coming back?  Well....that was kinda funny as well.  They have this tote-around hard-drive assembly to back-up massive video.  The virus was actually sitting on this tote-around assembly and spread from PC to PC as they hooked up the unit.  No one ever bothered to run the anti-virus on the tote-around.

So now the guys are sitting there and wondering about this episode....who was using the Air Force system, the unclassified play on-line video games.  Because of their action....there's likely a thousand man-hours lost on virus-detection, paperwork, and meetings.  There's likely Colonels writing reports today....trying to explain how none of his armchair pilots ever play games on the computer system, and this has to be a problem with the IT help desk guys.  Meanwhile, Captain Snuffy is wondering who the heck stole his log-on and password to Mafia-Wars, and stole away his magic unicorn.