Monday, 17 October 2011

Between the Lines

Today, the rest of the story finally came out over the missing baby in Kansas City....the mom was drunk from early evening on.  This explains why the dog never barked....why the baby monitor didn't alert....and forces the cops to consider that she got up at some point in the evening and walked out the door with the kid.  Years ago, I lived in the barracks and we had a guy who'd get drunk and start walking.  He'd walk out of the TV room, out of the hallway, and out of the building.  He'd usually turn up the next morning....leaning against a tree or a building within 500 feet of our barracks.  We worried about him when winter came along, and tried to encourage him to just stay in the barracks when he was drunk.  I'm guessing the kid will turn up within the next three days and be less than a 1k feet from the house.  The rest of the story won't be pretty.

German statistics came out today.....showing 79k Germans actually applied for early retirement, because they suffered from mental disorders (depression, anxiety, etc).  Approximately sixty percent of the applications were accepted, the rest....tossed out.  It's a fair sized group.  Normally, if you want to retire get serious subtractions from your it's rare that someone gets around this rule.  What the smart guys are that the number of mental disorder applicants....are increasing year-by-year.  It's not a huge trend, but it's not decreasing.  I lived in Germany for fifteen years and I have to say....Germans tend to take their jobs and their emphasis of life at work....fairly serious.  They also chain themselves to a job, and will simply not leave a job under most conditions that an American might say are "bad".  On the positive, they are tough folks at work.....but inside, it eats them up when things aren't working right.

Finally, there's this oddball story of a Canadian mining company....out in Kershaw, SC....building up a gold mine.  The interesting thing is that they are talking about 3 million ounces of gold possibly being taken out of this mine.  I'm guessing the locals are a bit shocked, and there's going to be this group of guys sitting down and talking about various rumors.  Some guy will talk about his uncle digging up a gold nugget in 1966.  Some woman will tell the story of her mom finding seven-ounce gold nugget in the 1970s.  Eventually, everyone is going to buy metal detectors, shovels, and convince themselves of some future in gold prospecting.