Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The American Dream

I sat and watched a 30-second clip this afternoon of some "Occupy Whatever" protester....discussing the end of the American dream.  Up until the last decade, everybody got their piece of the American dream, and apparently the Bush-era led into the death of the American dream.  It was quite unfair, and just not right.

I sat and pondered over this.  The American dream is as much alive today, as it was in 1776.  The problem is that people have lost track of what it means and how it works.

Bob, who graduated forty-fourth of forty-six students from some small town in Kentucky in 1979....today drives and owns his own tractor-trailer rig.  He may not have been the brightest or the most dependable....but somewhere over the past three decades....he figured out the system....and caught onto the American dream.

Dee?  She got convinced by peers and some school counselor to sign on to some four-year arts degree, which cost her around $100k.  Two decades later, she still owes $40k and barely makes a decent living at a photography studio.  None of the skills that she paid the $100k for....did much for the photography work but this was the only steady job she would catch onto.  She missed out on the American dream.

Barney?  He figured out some special recipe for donuts and borrowed enough money to open up a coffee and donut shop next to an industrial area.  At age fifty, he works sixty hours a week....but he's clearing almost $100k in profit each year.  He's worked his butt off for his piece of the American dream.

Alexis?  She took a year of community college and studied computer security.  She got a basic start-up job with some company, and by age thirty clears $50k a year.  She owns a condo, drives a Ford, and owes $60k on credit card bills.  She could have been smarter, but she could have been dumber.

The truth is that people have lost some understanding of common sense.  A $100k degree worth $100k in costs?  Maybe, maybe not.  A guy working sixty hours a week to get ahead?  A gal who goes bankrupt and comes right back to build another business?  A guy who tosses his life savings into a marginal bar operation?  A young lady who signs up for fifteen credit cards and erases any chance of surviving the economic mess approaching?  These are all pieces of the American dream.  You can draw four aces, or lose totally on one stupid strategy that never was valid.  It's your shot.  That's the whole thing about the American dream.....it's your shot.

So for those poor folks sitting out in New York City tonight.....talking up a storm about their dismal life and the lack of an American dream.....I would suggest you pick up your feet and review where you are and where you want to be.  If your best bet was to hope on the government taking someone's wealth and passing you some piece of the American dream....then it's best to keep smoking your weed and stay put in New York City's camp-ground.  If you want your shot.....then move out of the shadows.....and make your own moves.

Anti-Wall Street Crowd and Democrats

If you lined up one hundred actual Democrats....regular people who work at Piggly Wiggly, the Holiday Inn, a state park, or Dunkin Donuts......and you introduced the anti-Wall Street folks....I think you might be shocked.

For the first week as the one hundred Democrats watched their brand of newscast....they'd watch for a minute or two, and then mostly go back to whatever they were doing.  They'd listen for a message or try to grasp what the real purpose was, and then lose interest.

Along about the third week....as the Communist Party leadership shows up....and some of the message goes pretty harsh with the actual suggestion of taking personal wealth or property from people....even rich people....around twenty of the one hundred Democrats would turn the TV off.  They wouldn't buy into this protest movement at all.

The fourth week?  The news analysts start trying to lengthen their topics and get in-depth interviews with mostly doped up dimwits.....another twenty Democrats of the one hundred would turn their TV set off.

By the sixth week....you'd have barely sixty of the original one hundred folks interested in this "adventure". About this time.....there would be an assault or two on some innocent folks, with a really harsh interview by a die-hard Communist, and another twenty Democrats would finally say enough and turn the TV off.

The problem here is that most regular people aren't about to really buy into a deep-seated Communist idea of taking property and distributing it.  I'm not talking about Republicans or Independents....I'm talking about actual Democrats.

Whichever idiot dreamed up this party strategy of invoking class warfare and the anti-Wall Street episode....really screwed up and probably hurt the President more than helped him.  Even worse?  They hurt regular Senators and Representatives.....Governors....and various political office holders throughout the US.  If this trend continues.....the Democrats might see ten to twenty percent of their regular voters either stay home next year, or vote Republican.  All in all....it might be a shocker.

The Coming of the End?

It was an oddball piece that CBS's Early Show ran yesterday morning.  Experts now say that climate change is bringing on a serious threat to coffee.  In fact, it just might bring coffee to extinction.  Naturally, that would bring great harm to Starbucks, Coke, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew.

What ended up being hyped by these so-called experts....is that coffee production might stumble.  What they didn't play out....is the fact that coffee prices would escalate to the point where a cup of coffee at Starbucks could be $12.  A Mountain Dew can could be $3.  Would you pay the increased cost?

The real question here to ponder.....will coffee go extinct?  It's a bit fictional to buy into this brief discussion that CBS ran.  In some ways, you have to wonder if Bigfoot or Nessie might go extinct at the same time when coffee runs out.  CBS could carry updates on them as well.  Perhaps aliens and UFO reports will decrease as global warming and climate change increases.

My humble opinion is that the CBS Morning Show probably had a pretty slow week scheduled....maybe the producer is on vacation in Aruba....and the boys just decided to do some oddball stuff to pump up the folks who watch.  But on the other hand, if you do take this all serious, then it's time that you buy a pallet of coffee and put it in the garage for long-term storage.....just to be on the safe side.  And don't tell your neighbors about this.