Wednesday, 19 October 2011

End of a Show?

About a month ago....the new TV season started up.  Somewhere around this time.....came Two and a Half Men.  It had fantastic numbers on opening night.....with almost 29 million folks watching it.

This past episode?  It's just under fifteen million.  Almost half the audience has stopped watching it.

I rarely offer reviews of TV shows....but on this one, I will offer this commentary.  I watched opening night and the opening fifteen minutes had to do with Charlies demise.  Then they introduced the replacement dude....who we don't even need to mention at this point.  The script and such for the remainder of the show....were fairly lame.  I watched the second week, and it got worse.  I haven't watched the show since.

Frankly, they picked the wrong guy.  In six weeks....they will admit this is the final season for show, and not say much about the pick, or the bad scripts.  It's a screw toss your mistake down the toilet and just move on.

What Likely Occurred

My impression of what happened in Kansas City with the missing baby?

Mom starts drinking around 7PM.  Two glasses done by 8PM, and probably another three-to-four by 9PM.  She gets something in her mind about dumping the diaper pail into the garbage can.  She walks into the kid's room.....picks up the pail....picks up the kid....and walks through the living room to pick up the cellphones for some odd reason.

Mom walks out, and ends up walking three hundred to six hundred feet to someone else's garbage can by the street, and dumps the contents of the pail into the can, then dumps the kid into the can (remember, she's fairly drunk and can't think clear), and tosses the cellphones in.  She walks back and collapses on the couch with the lights all on.

The husband arrives six hours to find the door open and the wife laying kid around, and no explanation   Mom says oh my, the kid must have been kidnapped, but she kinda knows some part of the story.  As the dad calls the cops.....she pushes in the screen in the kids room to give some detail to the story.  She goes out and tries to find the kid.....but can't remember nothing.  So the story kinda sticks with the kidnapper.

I suspect the cops figured this whole angle out by the end of the first day, and thus the reason for looking at the local dump.  As for charges?  Forget about it unless mom confesses or the body of the kid is found.  It's a wrapped up story at this point.

How Things Naturally Work Out

This is what we know....out at the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, Ohio.....a privately owned operation.....the owner was found dead and the cages were in the open position.  This was an operation that had monkeys, wolves, camels, lions, tigers, wolves and bears.  So far, the local cops are indicating that they've shot at least twenty of the animals.....but they indicate that there's still a bit of hunting to do in the local area.

So you can imagine this situation....Leo, the lion.....actually makes a direct path and heads south, away from Zanesville and the mess.  For days, he chomps on rabbits and gets by.  In three weeks, he eventually makes his way across the border into Alabama.  There, Leo meets up Uncle Buck.  Uncle Buck offers up baloney sandwiches, KFC chicken, SPAM, and tater tots.

For weeks and weeks....Leo lounges around on Uncle Buck's back porch....sleeps on the couch....and drinks from the bucket of water that Uncle Buck fetches from the spring.  Uncle Buck is taken up with the lion and everything runs along pretty good until spring comes around.

One night....browsing the internet....Uncle Buck discovers "Lion-Chow" and goes online to order up five hundred pounds.  Naturally, the Lion-Chow folks are suspicious and hand this order to the FBI and the next day....they arrive to grab Leo.

Uncle Buck explains he don't knowing about some missing lion, and Leo was just a big wussie kitty.  Folks in Bama get all upset about this, and legislation starts up a year later to ban the importation or housing of illegal lions in Bama.  It gives the state police the authority to stop cars and trucks and ask if they are transporting lions.  Naturally, most folks are agreeable to this tough action.....but some folks are a bit nervous  which leads some folks to wonder if the nervous folks are keeping illegal lions in their garage or basement.

The President gets involved....sending the Attorney General up against Alabama's tough new anti-lion legislation, and it start to get in the paper.  Folks are uneasy about the unnecessary attention and the fact that Bama is becoming a anti-lion state.  Churches side with the pro-lion side.  Hunting enthusiasts side with the anti-lion side.

CNN starts broadcasting episodes with Anderson Cooper and Uncle Buck (he's mostly weeping over the loss of Leo).  Grandmas throughout the state side with Buck.....but they secretly think he's a handsome older gentleman and worthy of marriage proposals.  Anderson Cooper starts showing up in Bama in black T-shirts every week....talking up the tough new anti-lion legislation and how it's so unfair.

Meanwhile....sitting back in some Ohio Leo.  He's wondering what all the mess is about.  He just wandered off toward Bama by accident.  It could have just as well been toward Michigan or New Jersey.  And no one would have said a word about lion issues.