Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where Nothing Changes

This week....some folks started to review the Occupy Wall Street crowds....the Occupy DC crowds, and all the other Occupy groups.....then discovered that the vast majority (well over 95 percent of what was seen via the video efforts)....were mostly all white guys.

Several articles have been written up on this.  It is true that on some occasions.....there were some Latinos that appeared out of nowhere with the "right" signs and did a routine of sorts.  There's video of women appearing.....even older women, but they are always white women.

As much as the media portrayed the Tea Party folks as mostly all's virtually the same thing with the Occupy folks.

So what does this really say? folks just don't have the time or the reason to stand out in some crowd and generally protest.  They work for a living.  The same can be said for the vast amount of Latinos in and illegal.....they all work for a living.  So they can say....while smiling....that they appreciate their white buddies who stand around and protest because they just don't have the time to do it.

It's comical in a way.....protests from the far left and far right.....and they all involve mostly white kids or white old guys.

To be honest.....for most black guys....if you had an open Saturday or Sunday with no work required....they would never waste it on some protest.  They'd spend it with friends watching NCAA or NFL football.

So it's another day in America....where the media is left with this incredible message....white guys protesting.  To be honest....nothing much has changed in two hundred years.  I think Ben Franklin would make the same judgement.

The Education for Clunkers Program

The education for clunkers program (my title).  What the President unveiled yesterday was a pretty simple program....which would not be pushed through'd just be stamped by the White House and approved.  He will limit the repayment of student loans (via government loan system) to ten percent of the individual's salary, and limited to twenty years.  Whatever was left to owe the government....would just be flushed away into the government pit of dissolved funding.

I pondered over what this might result I found this great example over at Fox News....where they used numbers from George Washington University and a four-year degree costing $212k which was borrowed.  The kid could study French for four years, graduate, get a job paying $25k a year, and thus only pay roughly $1400 a year back.  At the end of twenty years....she'd still owe over $150k to the government.  It'd all be forgiven or disappear.

Man, what a deal!  Here's the brilliance of the deal.    You and I quit our jobs and run off to California.  We sign up at age fifty for some degree program in "Steinbeck-studies", Cowology (the study of cows), or imaginary media journalism.  We go for the PhD and borrow $300k from the government to cover books, pizza, beer, and a dorm room.  We end six great years of just sitting around a California college by graduating and then relocating to Bama where we work at some pizza delivery shop.  Our yearly payment to the government loan?  Probably less than $1500.  After twenty years of deliverying pizza and nearing seventy years old.....our obligation ends.

We have six of the best years of our in California, and wasting as much of the government money as possible.

Every single matter what your age is....ought to sign up today and go to school.  Don't worry about grades.  Don't worry about cash.  Just borrow off Uncle Sam and smile.  Life never has been this good.  And you won't regret the evenings sitting around....drinking your beer paid for by government loans, eating your pizza paid by government loans, and listening to dimwitted professors explain why brown cows are better than black cows.  All paid for by dimwitted Americans via their taxes.

Only in America.