Saturday, 12 November 2011

Just Observations

News reports indicate that the cops up in Portland are at a point where they want to clear various parks being used by the friendly and non-violent Occupy folks.  The same reports indicate that some Occupy folks have started bringing in or manufacturing "weapons".  This vast array of weapons include 2x4 pieces of wood with nails driven into them and shields from garbage can tops (like Captain America's shield, if you've seen the movie).  They haven't mentioned Molotov cocktails...but's that probably another popular weapon of anarchists.  I sat and pondered over this....if some type of battle starts up and policemen are injured....then it'll be a sign for cops across the nation.  You can start counting the days where a second confrontation occurs, then a third.  If I were an Occupy guy at any city.....I'd start to look around at my associates.  There's the protest folks, and then there's the anarchist crowd.  The minute your effort is deemed anarchist by the public....your media gains or words spoken over the past two months become worthless.

It took roughly 35 days, but this baby missing episode from Kansas City has finally come to the point where the mother is a suspect.  The cops even were nice about it and apparently told that fact to the woman.  My suspicion on this episode from almost day of the parents were involved in some fashion.  But without a body, you will never see a case opened in court.

You won't see it mentioned in national news.....but some nut got out of a car and fired rounds from a AK-47 in Washington DC.  Normally, we have this kind of stuff every week, and it's not worth mentioning.  But in this was roughly a block away from the White House.  This got the DC cops, the Secret Service, and the Federal Cops all upset.  Based on cameras and comments spoken so far.....they think two cars were involved in the incident, and one was ditched over near a bridge heading south on the Potomac River.  My guess is that one DC gang got upset with another DC gang, and just happened to bump into each other on Pennsylvania Avenue.    The day will come when another gang does another battle up around the White House....and rounds actually hit the building.  Maybe then.....the President will deem Washington a hostile zone and actually fix a forty-year problem.

Some smart guys did a internal review of man-hours for METRO here in DC.  The question was....are folks over-working?  Short answer....yes.  They documented one guy who worked 117 man-hours in one week.  You can imagine this not monitoring man-hours....a guy work five days straight of 18 hours a day, and then he screws up and triggers an accident that kills forty people.  METRO management is saying much.  They seem to be waiting for the next accident, and just accepting the fact that they will pay out millions.  And the idiot who is willing to work 117 man-hours in one week?  He might be pulling in $100k a year on a regular $55k bus driver job...but he's a candidate for a heart-attack, if you ask me.

Finally, not that it really matters to most of us...but there's this new disease out there called Zuccotti-lung disease.  Course, the only way you'd catch by playing occupy up in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, New York.  It ends being a cough, which just doesn't go away.  It goes from a mild the far end of the scale where some suggest that it might be connected to tuberculosis.  It helps to pass around a bottle of water among five folks....and all take a sip from the same bottle.  You can imagine this scene in January.....ten people a day are hauled off to hospitals and forced into quarantine wards for a month because of this disease.  Then folks start to refuse to go over to the doctor.  And there in the middle of this?  Some poor CBS journalist who is ordered to interview these folks daily and wondering about the CBS healthcare plan, and if they will keep him on for a month of quarantine.