Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Occupy Demands

The Occupy Wall Street crowd came out with their "demands" (this came from their web site):

- Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act. Unionize ALL workers immediately.

- Raise the minimum wage immediately to $18/hr. Create a maximum wage of $90/hr to eliminate inequality.

- Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.

- Institute a moratorium on all foreclosures and layoffs immediately.

- Repeal racist and xenophobic English-only laws.

- Open the borders to all immigrants, legal or illegal. Offer immediate, unconditional amnesty, to all undocumented residents of the US.

- Create a single-payer, universal health care system.

- Pass stricter campaign finance reform laws. Ban all private donations. All campaigns will receive equal funding, provided by the taxpayers.

- Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.

- Pass far stricter environmental protection and animal rights laws.

- Allow workers to elect their supervisors.

- Lower the retirement age to 55. Increase Social Security benefits.

- Create a 5% annual wealth tax for the very rich.

- Ban the private ownership of land.

- Make homeschooling illegal.

- Reduce the age of majority to 16.

- Abolish the death penalty and life in prison.

- Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

- Abolish the debt limit.

- Ban private gun ownership.

- Strengthen the separation of church and state.

- Immediate debt forgiveness for all.

- End the 'War on Drugs'.

I sat and read over these a couple of times.  Basically, it'd bankrupt the nation in a matter of eighteen months or less if you enacted all of these.  I admit there are three or four of these which might interest half the voting public in America....but the vast majority are comical in nature.

No private ownership of land?  So why bother farming when someone might move onto the property and take up acreage because they think they deserve it?

No layoffs?  So if a company is doing badly and needs to trim a quarter of it's workforce.....how would they achieve such an action?

Maximum wage of $90 an hour?  And which magic pocket did you pull this one out from?  Why not stop it at $50 an hour, or $150 an hour?

I get the impression that most of these people never took a single economics class in their life.  Most of them likely don't own property.  And I suspect that most of the Occupy crowd probably will never enjoy a rich fulfilling job....and end up working at some pizza shop for the rest of their life.  It's a sad direction to go.

From the Local News

We had one of those odd local news episodes from yesterday.  From here in Virginia....and it's best to avoid listing the guy's name.....we had this guy who accidentally shot himself and died.

The guy had driven up to a video-rental enterprise, and his wife got out to return a DVD.  In her car seat....lay a Glock pistol, with the barrel pointed toward the guy's butt.  The guy decided that it would have been correct to place the pistol in a different position.  Why it wasn't in a hostler, or under the seat, the safety on, or in a purse...God only knows.  He apparently fiddled with the trigger in this odd position, and bam.  The gun went off.....shooting him in the butt.

The ambulance came, but he'd lost an enormous amount of blood in that time-frame, and died from a shot in the butt (that he triggered himself).

It's a story that you'd rather not tell because it's awful stupid in a way.  People have gotten around to the point of carrying pistols loosely.  They don't use the safety clip.  They don't think about gun safety.  They act like they really need a weapon for protection, but they really don't care for normal gun rules.

So you can imagine this funeral, and the guy's buddies showing up.  It's a pretty sad end and a bad way to go.  You sit there and shake your head.

Simply Observations

The Supreme Court stood up and agreed to take the case of ObamaCare and the states opposing it.  There were various think-tank players talking up the topic yesterday.  One of the comical sides to this episode is Supreme Court Judge Kagan....who sat on the Obama staff and some folks have this suspicion that she was involved in the planning of the law.  Normally, if true, you'd have to sit out.  She hasn't shown that necessity. She may be totally innocent on this topic......but in ten years, if some email or document comes out to show her involvement being more.....it will be an slam against her and the court.  As for the outcome of the court?  Come summer of 2012.....they will state that you can't require citizens to buy health care insurance via a national law (5-4).  The rest of the law, my humble opinion, will stand.  As for how this works without the mandatory angle?  I don't have the slightest idea......but if you asked me....it's a scripted episode and every single player knew the eventual outcome two years ago.   

I've watched this video of CBS's Scott Pelley and Gringrich in a heated discussion over the "rule of law" and how, if ever, the US government can order a US citizen killed, without a court appearance.  Since I'm one of those idiots who got pushed into a German work visa and played the 'legal American in Germany routine'......I have more understanding than most folks.  Once you leave the soil of America.....you aren't as American as you think.  When you enter any other country....you start to come under their rules.  Forget the American Constitution, fairness, or rights.  If you are sitting in Moscow.....Russian rules tend to apply, and along with the Mafia.  So if you were an idiot American from Austin, Texas....who decides to pick up arms and threaten American lives in any fashion, while sitting in Venezuela.....it's your own luck if Venezuela or the US makes an attempt on your life.  My advice.....if you really think your life is valuable.....drop your stupid acts, return to Austin, Texas, and enjoy the freedoms and pleasures of Austin-living.  

Finally, not that I really care, but we are about two weeks away from the NBA season being canceled, if no agreement occurs.  Some folks will suggest that they could play a 56-game season, which would carve off thirty percent of a player's salary.  The bulk of the players simply aren't taking home much of a salary and can't afford a thirty-percent cut.  Toss in the tens of thousands of folks who help run the arenas, the parking lots, the sports bars, and the NBA journalists.....and you've got a bunch of folks who lose out.  Frankly, in this kind of economy.....it doesn't make any sense, unless you are a NBA player.