Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Neighborhood

A couple of weeks ago....I blogged over the death of a local DC German journalist....Viola Drath.  If you remember....Viola was somewhat of a legend for reporting DC and US news back to Germany.  She was a respected professor at a local college, and had done pretty good for herself at age 91 when she died under "mysterious" ways.  Her husband....Albrecht Gero Muth (age 47) was the chief suspect after the cops did the initial review.  DC cops figured this was a simple case and have lined up their evidence.

This week....the case started for the court.  Albrecht came out swinging....firing his court-appointed legal folks, and announcing that he wanted to carry the case himself (normally a bad choice).

Then Albrecht came out with various issues.  He announced that he is a general in the Iraqi army.  Well....the DC court folks asked the State Department about the Iraqi government....and no one ever remembered any deal where Albrecht was appointed as a general.  Adding to this the fact that Albrecht wants to wear his Iraqi army uniform to court as he appears.  Based on news reports....the judge will consider this.  I doubt that it is a big deal.  If a guy wanted to show up in court with a clown suit on.....I think most judges would have issues.....but a military suit might be acceptable.  

Albrecht then came to his big list of complaints.  There are fleas in his he wants it cleaned and fumigated.  He discussed the stagnant water in his jailcell.  Then he went into detail about the limited number of chances that he had to take a bath (I'm guessing they probably limit the guy to one opportunity a day).

Then Albrecht announced at the end that he's going on a fast (starting today, Sunday), and if he did happen to die from the fast.....they needed to hand over his body to some US Army guy.  I'm guessing the judge was sitting there and just wondering which Army guy.  I can see this huge moment of confusion if Albrecht did pass away from starvation....where the US Army gets dragged into this.

Most folks have the opinion that Albrecht isn't blasting away on all cylinders.  Perhaps it was too many years of alcohol or some drug binges in his youth.....but this guy is probably a four-star nut.  The curious thing is that if he used the court lawyer help.....he'd likely get the prosecutor into a position where he might accept a plea deal for just fifteen years in the local prison (the max that he could get for the thirty years).  No one.....especially the DC legal system.....really wants to go into a real court case that lasts two weeks with this nut doing his own legal work.  With the various incompetent jury possibilities....Albrecht might actually confuse enough of them, and trigger a hung jury.