Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Super Committee: Scripted?

A day has passed now on the Super Committee experience.  It kinda hit me after watching the President's four-minute speech last night, that this whole thing is likely scripted out.  Two political groups believe the result will destroy the other in 350-odd days with the 2012 election.

The Republicans believe that the 2010 results were enormous and were worth betting that they could only get better if they stuck to a hardline on limited taxes.  If they could swing this vote one more time....there would be at least 55 Republican Senators, and perhaps the Presidency.  Of course, if your choice is Mitt Romney....the thrill for most independent voters will be limited.

The Democrats believe that this serious attack on retirees (the Medicare crowd), and various cuts for the poor of America....will drive voters to the polls (unlike the 2010 results).  A class versus class vote in the American interest.  

I watched a round-table conversation last night where someone came to accurately suggest that a third-party run by some Presidential candidate could knock both Romney and Obama off their pedestal.  Such an individual has several months to think about jumping into such a race, and start the process of getting on state ballots.   I admit, a Ross Perot-candidate would be enticing.....but who would this be?  And no, it can't be Donald Trump, or Sarah Palin.

So we all watched for a number of weeks...this oddball conceived notion of some Super Committee which wasn't exactly a Jefferson concept written into the Constitution.  I suspect that most of the guys from 1776 would have asked over and over....why you'd need twelve guys to discuss the US budget.  If we'd tried to run a Super Committee to get the vote for the Declaration of Independence.....it would have been a total failure, and we'd still be working for the Queen today.

What did we learn?  Mostly that committees don't really offer any solid chances for success.  In fact, I don't see much of a reason for the Senate or House to meet for the rest of this year, and they might as well take all of next year to sit at home.  We actually need the 2012 election right now....to fix things.  That's the sad part about this story.