Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Crown Victoria

Years ago, I went on a Air Force trip and arrived late at night at the destination.  The remaining rental car place was still open and the lady had a problem with very few cars left to offer me.  She ended up giving me a Crown Vic for the same price that a mid-sized car would have been.  So for a week, I rented and drove the Crown Vic.  It was, by the standards of the of the best cars I've ever driven.

I've leaving Arlington for Thanksgiving and driving to Bama.  Naturally, owning no car.....I went and rented one yesterday evening.  Again, this agency was pressed to come up with a car....while a dozen folks were attempting a last-minute rental.  I was supposed to get a mid-sized car, and ended up again with a Crown Vic.

So I drove this back to the apartment complex last night.  It's not the same quality as I remember, and feels "cheap".  The 15-minute ride was 5-star, but it's just the interior of the car that just doesn't ring true.  The buttons all felt cheap, and it was the same kind of interior that existed in 1997.  Course, considering the folks who buy the Crown Vic.....they probably don't want improvements.

I'll report back in four days and give my honest impression of 1,500 miles in a Crown Vic.  As for Thanksgiving....I'm wishing everyone a plentiful day, and good shopping on Friday, and a safe weekend.