Thursday, 1 December 2011

Simply Observations

I've watched the "Ginger-episode" unfold with Herman Cain over the last week.  She had his phone number and some texts, although she hasn't really put all the texts (13 years worth) out there.  It is kind of strange that she wanted to rush out and admit everything....just to feel better. To be honest, she has yet to admit why she had to come out.  My only question....would Ginger be willing to put her banking business out there and share with everyone the deposit info on a check or two in the last month?  I'm guessing she had to be encouraged, and there's likely a $100k check sitting there.  She stands to collect an additional $100k from various interview gigs over the next two weeks.  As for the factual part of her story with Cain? I suspect it's a 50-50 shot at this point.  At the very least, Cain is a mighty naive guy who just ran around helping different folks, and he financially helped Ginger in some matters.  At the most....Cain had some 13-year affair with some Ginger gal.  You have yet to get to the bottom line.

Back around 2006, Congress decided it needed to regulate and stomp out the horse-slaughter business.  You can describe it as an other opportunity to regulate things and have more laws on the books.  Over the past year....the government discovered that this merely created the end of the American side of the industry.  From both Canada and Mexico.....they simply doubled up their slaughter business to make up for the business that the American industry lost.  In a comical way, it just added more problems and abuse on horses....having to be shipped out of the US, for the butcher industry.  So quietly, Congress and the President got around to a spending bill last month that restored the entire the American horse-butcher industry.  It wasn't front page news, and I doubt that more than two thousand Americans even noted the huge change in regulations.  As for the re-establishment of the American industry?  It probably will take five years to bring things back to the 2006-levels. Then you come to the curious scenario....did a dozen odd lobbyists show up in DC for Mexican get some dimwitted congressmen to write a law.....shutting down the US horse slaughter industry, in 2006?  Stranger things have happened.

Finally, what you really had to expect....another Bama episode with a foreign guy and their immigration law.  Naturally, it wasn't a Latino.  It was a Honda manager from Japan.  Apparently, this all occurred down in the Lincoln area of Alabama.  At least in this case.....they didn't arrest the guy....but it turned into another curious case.  Some wannabe cops set up a roadblock (a growing trend in Bama) and caught the dangerous Japanese manager.  The only reason he avoided the arrest?  He was carrying his Japanese passport and actually had an international license with him.  At this's two out of two.  I've yet to hear any arrests with Latinos.  I suspect within a year.....most of these international car companies in Bama will come to the governor's office and let him know that they have a problem.  It's hard to say if the Governor will admit that they screwed up or not.