Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's Just a Game

I sat and watched the big fight at the end of the Cincinnati-Xavier basketball game....several times.  You rarely see a fight in basketball...mostly because the ref's keep things under control.  This was the end of the game, and ref's were barely keeping control of the game.

In the aftermath now, there are prosecutors talking about charges against players.  State charges.  You could get time in jail, forced anger management episodes, or possibly a fine.

I'm guessing the NCAA has a guy reviewing the tapes and discussing some excessive punishment to be dished out.  The universities involved.....have tried to preempt that and dish out some substantial punishment.  I'm guessing that the NCAA bosses might want to make an example out of this, and maybe toss on another five games of suspension.

The problem that I see is this "gangsta" type attitude that some players in the college ranks have taken.  Disrespect is openly discussed....so retribution has to be part of their game.  Frankly, in the college ranks...this won't work.  A number of fans will be turned off and probably identify certain teams as thugs only, and not basketball players.

In the end, the game isn't a sport anymore....it's just entertainment.  I suspect no one wants that.  But how you turn this behavior off....just isn't as obvious.