Thursday, 15 December 2011


I rarely ever blog over baseball....ever since the whole steroid episode occurred.  Two topics came up over the past week....and I thought I'd make a comment.

Barry Bonds is for his sentence tomorrow.  The comical side of this is that it's simply for lying to a grand jury, and not really for taking the steroids or doing all the home runs while juiced up.  The prosecution wants Barry to spend at least one year in prison for lying.  The defense thinks Barry ought to have some walking-around probation time, some fine, and community service...nothing more.

The truth is that we've got prisons full of plenty of bad characters, and we don't need to waste time with some loser like Barry Bonds sitting in a federal prison and wasting our time or money.  I'd give Barry home arrest for two years and not allow him to do anything outside of the home except medical appointments or rehab meetings.  Put a ankle monitor on the dimwit, and just let him roam his house for two years.

The sad thing is that he twisted up baseball completely and laid out a home run record which is mostly all bogus.  Up until age thirty....he probably was doing natural home runs, and after that just don't know.

The second topic is this contract that Albert Pujols signed with the Angels for ten years and $254 million.  There might be six baseball clubs in existence who might be willing to spend in the region of money that Puljols wanted, but almost every club would pass on this deal.

The problem is that you lock a guy in, and seventy-five percent of the time....there's an injury or some motivational episode....and you get stuck five years later with some overweight loser that you'd like to dump, but you can't.  With Albert, you might have an exception, and the Cardinals were willing to make a fair offer.  The problem is that St Louis just isn't a club that makes tons of money.  In a really successful year, everyone is smiling....but that only happens fifty percent of the time.

About twenty years ago, you started to notice clubs passing on contracts that went past four years.  You'd notice guys with major issues, and three years still left on their contract.  Dumping the guy wasn't practical, and you couldn't trade the guy away.  So you started to see this amusing act of one club swapping a loser to another club, for another loser....just to freshen up the lineup and get someone different.

Albert will arrive in California, and my guess is that for most part.....he delivers, brings in millions of extra fans throughout the ten-year period, and maybe helps the club win a world series along the way.  He might be worth the money.  You can only hope this all works out.

The Story Behind the Story

Lindsey Lohan ended up in the news a couple of days ago.  To be honest, I don't really follow the gal too much and think she's mostly one of those folks without any talent and just hanging on for the initial ride.

The story?  Lohan flies out to Hawaii, for some kind of party or such.  She loses her purse, which happens to have $10k in cash.  She finds the purse eventually, without the $10k in the purse.  She was all upset about this, but was lucky that she had ID's left in the purse so she could make the flight back to the mainland.

So why would any idiot walk around with $10k in their purse?  Simple.  Drugs.

If you want some cocaine or got to pay in cash.  The National Enquirer and the rest of the press didn't really want to tell the whole story.

The comical side of this is that she ended up in Hawaii at some big party....and didn't have any cash to buy drugs for herself or her special friends.  It probably turned into an embarrassing episode.  She had to beg for a bit of drugs off people that didn't normally buddy-up to Lohan.