Friday, 16 December 2011

The Republicans

We are a couple of weeks away from the primary season, and I will make my one and only prediction blog over this mess.

Newt wins Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire.  From that point on out.....he wins another twenty  states.  He'll stumble a couple of times, and Romney will pick up around twenty states.  Ron Paul might actually win one state.

They meet off at the convention, and Newt barely wins.  Independents aren't exactly happy over the choices, and some idiot in the spring of 2011 might come out with a third-party attempt.  I'm not sure who, but the fact is that most independents just aren't happy over Newt being the choice.

I'm predicting Bachman as the VP, sadly....and the stage dance become McCain version 2.0 as far as most people are concerned.

Other than interesting debates with the President....I dont' see Newt winning more than forty-eight percent of the national electoral college.  Obama will carry sufficient votes, and walk into a second term.

Most folks will be happy over the Republicans picking up another five Senator spots, and still holding the House.  Life will be the same....nothing changes.  The President will face four additional years of lousy legislative work accomplished, and most folks become whiners over the Washington crowd we have in place.

I realize it's a lousy prediction that might disagree with most.....but things all have this scent of McCain and Palin....which, frankly, doesn't go too far.