Thursday, 22 December 2011

Just Observations

The new version of the Apple not really selling well in Europe.  Various excuses being given, but it's probably going to be discounted rather quickly and dumped to secondary sales companies within a few weeks.  You can blame the financial crisis or just plain value of the 4S.....doesn't matter.  I sat in a German phone shop on Saturday and noted that almost no one was asking over the I-Phone.....most were looking at the various android phones.

It's a curious episode to note out in LA.  The city has spent millions on the Occupy crowd downtown....from clean-up to increased cop protection.  The mayor finally came up this week and hinted that cuts had to be found in the normal continue to cover Occupy costs.  No one is much saying anything yet....mostly because it's just a chat situation presently.  You'd think that they'd pass a tax on the Occupy guys to pay for their increased cost.....but no one wants to suggest that.

Finally, the cops down in Louisiana got called out to the local Wal-Mart.....couple of drunk guys had taken over the disabled scooters that the store kept......and were playing bumper car.  They ended up arresting a guy or two over this.  For years, I've been waiting for an episode like this....because there is simply too much temptation.  Imagine Saturday night coming've had several beers, and you'd like to have some fun.  You drive up....with Gus, and take over the scooters at the store, and drive around for thirty minutes.  Wal-Mart ought to be charging for this opportunity.....and make some cash off their scooter operation.

The British

I'm taking my Christmas leave off in Germany again, and the big story of the week involves the British and the potential fall of the Euro.

Several weeks ago, there was this mass meeting of finance wizards from various European countries.  They came to this agreement at the end.....with the exception of British.  Things kind of dissolved quickly, and the British got labeled in some fashion as a dimwitted kid on the block who didnt' grasp the big picture.  The British kind of labeled everyone else in Europe as the idiot of the group who didn't grasp the mess at hand.

So this week, it got out that the British are putting together this massive rescue plan to bring one million British citizens out of Spain, when the Euro collapses.....and another 50k British citizens from Portugal.

The thought here is that these retired British all have accounts in Spanish banks, which are in Euros.....not Pounds....and that they will be left without any funds.  So planes, trains, ferries, and buses are being put onto a chart and somehow....though the graces of God and the Queen.....these one million Brits will be saved from dire circumstances.

I sat and pondered over this mess.  Frankly, these one million Brits are all fifty and over.  They are retired, living off their pension or their disability.....and frankly, they've gotten use to consuming good cheap Spanish booze, and lounging in nice warm temperatures.  Some have been in Spain for over twenty years and can't imagine a single day in England ever again.

So here is some British government guys who are planning this "rescue", where the double-decker red bus pulls up in some Spanish village....loads up 35 senior citizen a few Brit ales on the way back....dumps them on a ferry, and then lands them on British shores.  There, they will be bused to some refugee camp in the middle of the highlands....where they will dine on soap and biscuits for weeks and weeks while ten thousand British government guys contemplate where to house them permanently.  Who pays for this?  That is the curious question.

How many British from the million would accept this deal?  I'm guessing less than ten thousand.  That's the insult of this entire plan.  Tens of thousands of man-hours put into building up a massive rescue, that the vast majority will refuse.

Somehow, I see this Monty Python movie coming out of this, where Gus, Henry and George are all activated in some Walsh village to bring some bus down to Spain, for a rescue.  They get lost and eventually end up in Italy where they accidentally rescue some Germans instead, and get into serious trouble with the British foreign office because they did the wrong kind of rescue.

And while all of this is going on.....the Euro just continues to stumble along.  That's the funny part of the story.