Saturday, 31 December 2011


2012 will end up being this fascinating year where nothing is accomplished politically.  No significant bills will be passed.  No fixes to the budget.  We end up with a do-nothing political year.

The election?  Nothing much.  Newt wins the convention but it really doesn't do more than McCain accomplished four years ago.  Obama walks through the election without a lot of interest but he's just competing against Newt, which helps in the end.

The financial year?  I don't see housing and the mortgage business improving.  If you wanted a cheap $150k house in've still got an opportunity for all of 2012.  Wall Street will stumble along and probably be slightly on the plus side by the end of 2012.  Unemployment will go down one percent, but no more than that.

Some Hollywood folks will fall.  Some college football coaches will be pointed at for child abuse.  Lindsay Lohan will be arrested again, and again.  Katie Couric will reinvent herself and find another job....then discover that no one really cares to watch her anyway.  Someone will write another Hitler book.  Some gal will accuse Herman Cain of having an affair with her for forty years.  Some Congressman will admit that he thought he was gay, but he's not.

More or less....2012 is just 2011, but just a bit more fancier.

I am curious how Occupy really does end.

I'd like to know if Bama can beat LSU to be number one.

I suspect that some American guys will be put up on charges in Mexico for Fast and Furious.

I'm betting that Obama's citizenship episode comes back up one more time.

And I think that the disapproval rate for President Obama will be around sixty percent when he's re-elected in November.  We may be all unhappy, but we really don't have much in the way of options.  So we suck it up and just move forward for four years of severe negative activity.