Friday, 17 February 2012

The 3-PM Game

This is what we know.  A western Colorado school has a 'after-3' club which involves choir singing.  It's not really sanctioned by the it's run by volunteers or PTA folks or some gal/dude from the local area.  The emphasis of a 'after-3' club, is to typically get you bonus points for fancy schools (Duke, University of the South, SMU, etc).  These programs get onto your application to the fancy school (not your local community college or local state college where anyone accepts you).

You can imagine the script.....Johnny wants to get with Duke, so he has five 'after-3' clubs lined up.  He joins up with a Boy Scout troop and earns some badges.  Johnny has six hours allocated every two weeks for the old folks home where he plays cards with old ladies who wink at the kid all the time.  Johnny picks up trash around highway 16 which he personally adopted as his clean-America project.  And Johnny goes out with the local veterinarian on night duty to local ranches where he tends to sick horses and cows.

So the school in Grand Junction.....which is a ranching area.....was putting together for choir practice and singing.....and this unique sing is assigned...."Zikr".

To be kinda honest here...."Zikr", which the writer of the song (from India) says was written to as a musical piece to for "self-healing and spirituality," has a Islamic slant to it. This A R Rahman who wrote the song....says that the it's a simple piece and no one should think it's about Muslims....really.

So this kid from the Grand Junction school....went through the text and eventually came to decide that it was mostly a song to promote Allah in some fashion. The kid then decided, in a public statement....he'd just quit the choir because he wasn't going to sing on praise for Allah.

Some folks jumped up to defend "Zikir".  Although the school principal was pretty quiet over the matter.  It was not on his list of things approved, but it's for a "after-3" deal, so he doesn't care too much.  The feeling given by the school was that they'd just stand by the choir director, so the kid quit.  It was a simple choice here.

I kind of pondered over this mess.  This "Zikir" is usually done with it's got a beat to it.  I sat there....trying to think of a choir piece that involves drums, and other than "Little Drummer Boy"....there just isn't any choir music that I can think of that fits like this one.  So it's a bit odd.

Then I came to this choir director and how she came to pick the piece.  She's a volunteer and I'm guessing she's not a local gal.  How would you even know about the piece?'d have to take some culture-type classes and get pretty orientated with Muslims....because no one else plays this stuff.

What happens now?'s basketball season and school now has a reputation.  As they compete against other schools.....the players will earn the name "Allah" and the coach will be on the short-fuse for most games.  It won't be a pleasant situation to face.

Local folks?  Well....they will be asking why Islamic things are on the school list of objectives.  Most teachers will now be asked for a full list of teaching objectives, and folks will be looking for things to argue about.

I look back over my years in Bama and there just weren't too many 'after-3' programs.  For was FAA or 4-H.  I came to hate 4-H....mostly because of the steer project that I got into....raising a calf for eight months and then getting him trained enough to lead by a rope around a fenced in area.  After you've been dragged around a couple of times on the ground....there just isn't much pleasure to this project....except the $300 to $400 check you get at the cattle barn when you sell ole Bo, for someone's beef consumption.

We didn't have many kids in Bama aspiring to go off to Duke or some fancy private college in New York state.  Most kids just dreamed of going off to Auburn, and getting a chance to consume four cases of beer over each weekend.  If some gal showed up to run a choir program with some Muslim things attached to it....we would have sat there and mostly laughed.  Through peer pressure.....she would have been forced to give up on this idea pretty quick.

So out there in western Colorado.....there's choir practice tonight....with kids singing some Allah tunes.  They do it mostly because Mom or Dad is hoping on them getting into Yale, New York University, Brigham Young, or DePaul.  If they said to sing to Satan, professional wrestling or pinkeye.....they'd just do it.  The objective here.....just do and get a stupid paragraph on a application form.  That's it.  And if you are standing there in some choir competition in fancy long white robes.....doing choir singing....and jump into some Allah-beat with drums in the background....well, its all part of the game.

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