Friday, 10 February 2012

The Contraception Dilemma

I've sat and watched this White House comedy for several days, and finally came to a fair analogy.

You are the President and have ordered all Ford owners....when your headlights go return to Ford and only have Ford mechanics swap out your bulbs....even if the car or truck is twenty-two years old.  You naturally have to pay dealer prices, to have first-rate bulb service done.  You aren't happy about the President getting into your Ford maintenance business.

So the President wakes up and realizes that he's upset a number of Ford owners.  So he whips out an executive order (not a law, just his order, which he can amend later if he desires).  The new executive order is that you must utilize the Ford dealer for your broken headlight, but Ford will pay for the headlight out of their own pocket.

Everyone is happy over the decision....mostly because they don't have to pay Ford $61 to change their broke headlight bulb.  But eventually, some idiot from Alabama will stand up and ask a stupid question will Ford pay for the broke bulbs and the three minutes of maintenance time involved?  The answer?  They will make everyone who buys a new pay $600 ensure there's enough money in the pot for free light bulbs for the life of the Ford vehicle.

At this point, everyone will turn to the President and his car czar.....who will both be grinning now and not saying much.  Ford will be shaking their head because they didn't want any of this to start with, and no one in the White House can explain how this all became a priority.

Adding to this analogy.....there is this one obvious problem here.  This free contraception pill deal.....only helps women.  There's no one out there ready to mandate that all guys get fifty condoms each month from their insurance company.....for their birth control method.  The cost for the package of fifty manly high-strength condoms?  Probably near $70.....three times what it'd cost for the women's package deal.

Obviously, there's a good deal here for someone, if you think about this long enough.

Oh, and for the long-strategy folks.  Let's say that President Obama wraps up business in 2016, and some Republican idiot from Texas who shows as the next President, and decides that insurance companies don't have to be forced to cover this.  The odds of this one announcement being used for a four-year anti-President rant and having him kicked out in 2020?  Better than ninety percent chance.  Now that we've shoved this four-hundred ton boulder up to the top of the mountain....anyone who changes bits and pieces....faces a mountain of trouble as they try to change or modify the package.

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