Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Government Solution

The Republicans came up yesterday with the newest method of controlling government costs.  The pay freeze on government employees by the President?  Well....they would pass the law to ensure it stays frozen through most of 2014. Then this Republican nifty trick would also be started....for each three employees that leave an organization, you can only hire two.

This hiring rule would trigger this intensive fight within each government agency.  Various departments in a 1,000 man group....would suddenly start fighting each other over the quarterly hiring plan.  You can imagine this scenario.....eighteen individuals leave over one quarter....sixteen of those folks from the 100-man IT department.  So the nifty rule falls into place and the IT department, only because of stupid luck, ends up losing the bulk of the positions terminated.  A year later, you have major IT problems and you just can't figure why they don't have the right mix of technicians on hand to fix issues.

You end up with a comical situation where political thinking determines your business practices, which usually ends up in failure.

My suggestion to the Republicans....maybe we ought to downsize the House and Senate....for each three that are forced out....just hire on two new Representatives or Senators.  I'm thinking things will start to settle quickly, if you offered up some logic like this.

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