Friday, 17 February 2012

Vegas in DC?

It finally came out yesterday....that a developer is looking at this idea of putting up a five-star casino deal in the National Harbor area.....which is just east of Alexandria, Virginia and over into the Maryland area.  For Washington DC....this is a major topic of discussion.  The creation of a Vegas-like atmosphere, in DC?

There are several ways of looking at this.  First, there's not much for gambling pleasure around the region, unless you take off to Atlantic City.  Second, there's a bunch of government employees in the region.....who might be talked into going to a Vegas-caravel-like playground....and spend their cash.  For VIP's, I'm also guessing that some big-name locals would enjoy a chance to rub elbows other VIPs.

Helping the economy?  Well....there's taxes involved somewhere in this mess, and that can only help Maryland.  Course, it's just shifting money from one private pocket, to one government pocket.  That's probably not the best kind of deal.

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