Saturday, 25 February 2012

Your Orientation

When I joined the Air Force in 1977, they had this business of asking me about various personal mark me correctly in their database.

They wanted to know if I was white.....which I kinda confirmed.  They wanted to know if I had any Indian blood in me, and I hinted I might be one sixteenth.....but they said that wasn't enough to be a real Indian.  They wanted to know my religious preference, which I responded that I really didn't have a big preference. They didn't like that answer, and demanded a more firm answer.....and I just said Baptist....although it wasn't much of a preference for me.

As the years went by.....they added onto their list of things they wanted to know.  There was the smoker status, the drinker status, and the educated status.  I think by the time I retired, there were fifteen different status blocks that they had filled out.

Today, there was a memo sent out to all California judges and justices.  The Administrative Office of the Courts for the state of California....wants to know what each guy or gal's sexual orientation is: gay, lesbian or straight.  This is apparently being done to make sure enough gays are adequately represented on the judicial bench of the state......or so they say.

This kinda leads to this awkward situation where there's a judgeship up, and Karl from the Administrative Office calls up the Governor, and says that this has to be given to a lesbian, or a straight gal, or a gay guy, or some regular straight guy.  Course, then you have to figure in the black, Latino, Asian status with this.  You might accidentally discover in the whole state of California.....for an expert guy to be sitting on the state supreme court.....there's only one Latino Lesbian in existence in the state.

I can imagine some judge being approached and he responds that he likes aliens....gets into extreme bondage.....and rarely wears clothing.  The Administrative Office will say to get serious....and he'll respond that he is absolutely serious.

Frankly, once you get around to this kind of marker on your record.....your grades in college and your common sense level won't matter much.  We will eventually require a Latino lesbian midget gal, who smokes and is pro-tattoo.

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