Thursday, 22 March 2012

America's Future Political Analyst

This is what we know.  There's this Virginia eighth-grade teacher....handling this civics honors class....who we shall leave as nameless.....who gave his eight-grade group this project.  The emphasis of the project?  They had to watch one of the recent debates with the four remaining Republican candidates....doing what you'd amount to as research.  You had to list out the positions of your guy, which you were assigned.  I won't use the word "weakness" but I would imagine the teacher tried to make them find this and write it out.

At the end, the teacher wanted the kids to find a point on the internet, where they could email to the candidate or the Democratic party.  But they didn't really have to send it to the Obama team.

I sat and pondered over this.  Naturally, a bunch of parents from this district are upset about what occurred.  But I thought it over and considered several facts.

First, any idiot adult who takes political research from a 14-year old an absolute idiot.  If the Democrats are relying on 14-year old kids to deliver the 'bad news' says some pretty comical stuff.

Second, if you asked any eighth-grade kid to explain politics to you.....they'd basically look at you and freeze.  If you asked about the infield-fly rule, out-of-bounds, the chief characters of Gilligan's Island, the words to a recent rap song, or the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.....they'd do a pretty good job.  Beyond've got mostly a bunch kids with no real knowledge base.

Third, this civics honors stuff?  It's what kids now toss onto their resume to a fancy-pants hopes of convincing them that they have the right stuff to attend some $30k a year university, and that they've washed old folk's necks, trimmed grass on library lawns, ran a homeless shelter for eight hours, and rebuilt a 1934 Ford sedan.  When I was a kid....we didn't have this honors crap, and you mostly just tried to stay out of trouble, graduate, and get a job with the paper mill.

Fourth, and eighth-grade kid....analyzing Ron Paul?  Can you imagine this poor kid....sitting in the living room after watching the whole episode.....shocked at how different Ron Paul is from the group, and trying to get Grandma to comment.  Grandma say: ".....he's nuts".  The kid turns to Uncle Karl, who flips out from his Vietnam drug episodes one night a week, and he talks for an hour about the brilliant Ron Paul, but he makes just as much nonsense as Ron Paul.

So finally, you turn to your dad....your pillar of inspiration.  Dad is a bit stoic in nature, and has simply a one-liner....."If Ron Paul was selling tractor tires, I'd buy two", and leaves it at that.  You can imagine the kid trying to write this commentary up for a stupid honors class....and the best that he can offer the Obama team on the weakness your dad's commentary about buying two tractor tires from Ron Paul.  You can imagine $100k being spent now by the President's team....on some stupid tractor tire video the President is a better salesman of tractor tires, than contender Ron Paul.

Sadly, the nation has slipped and fallen, and just can't get up.

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