Monday, 12 March 2012

The Fake Chinese Guys

This is what we know.  From the Facebook world....this 'invite' went out from Admiral James Stavridis.  He's a big guy in the US Navy.  Lots of folks got this invite....from NATO big-wigs, to others who probably don't want to admit it.  There's an interesting thing though.....Admiral Stravridis isn't a believer in Facebook, and never started an account.  From what Facebook can figure out....some Chinese guys were involved in creating this bogus account.  Nobody wants to really discuss the matter much....because obviously.....commentary went back and forth with folks thinking they were secretly talking with the real Admiral Stavridis.

I sat and paused over this episode.  It's kinda like where some tall slinky and lusty gal sends you an invite from Tusla, to join her Facebook page.  Then months later, you find out that Wanda really is this welder guy from  Buffalo, New York....who was pretending to be Wanda.  You obviously are upset about this....but there's no real law against this.

In this China law has been violated, other than a bunch of guys admitting they were duped by a bunch of Chinese agents.  They may have admitted all kinds of inner secrets to their wannabe Admiral, but you have to admire the whole episode for its simplicity.

As for the real Admiral?  He hasn't said much.  I'm thinking he's mostly anti-Facebook and is mostly laughing at how correct he was.....not to become a member of it.

But now, we turn to the obvious many fake and bogus accounts exist with Facebook, which lead back to China?  A hundred?  A thousand?  Ten thousand?  You just don't know.  Guys may be admitting all kinds of personal secrets to some hottie from Mobile or Tupelo.....but the truth is that it's just a Chinese guy pretending to be the hottie.  At night, the Chinese guy is going home from his secret job....dreaming of the lusty affairs that Karl or Jimmy Joe shared with them today....dreaming of the day that he can leave China and be like those stupid Americans.

In the end.....whatever Chinese general dreamed up this whole going to realize that his entire team is now disenchanted.....because they realize so many Americans are having rich and terrific affairs, with trailer-park women, and they'd like to be just like those Americans.  And the truth?  Well....we Americans kind of make up fake stories to brag about on the internet anyway.....and everything we told our fake Chinese buddy.....was pretty much fake.

It's the kind of stuff, you can't put into a James Bond movie, because it's all just made up bogus stuff.

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