Monday, 5 March 2012

Simply Observations

Out of yesterday's Washington Post, I came to notice a full-page ad....something that rarely occurs with the Post....mostly because of the tremendous cost involved.  Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, offered up a $1 million reward for any information that linked a Washington political figure to a scandal.  He was careful not to say a Republican or Democrat.  Twenty years ago, Larry's empire was broad and full of cash.  Today, Hustler is mostly a dead-end magazine (their circulation is reportedly around 750k copy per month).  I'm guessing he'll get a couple thousand bogus phone waste the time of his team.   Maybe somewhere in the midst of this....they might get three or four phone calls that might lead to something.  The end-result?  The republic standing there with Hustler acting as it's protector of virtue and purity. Sadly, Larry wasn't the guy who dug up the Clinton episode, or any of the forty other significant political lust scandals of the past decade.  

Word comes out this week that John Edwards really doesn't want that lusty tape that his former girlfriend, Rielle Hunter, made of a bedroom episode destroyed (as the judge has decreed).  He didn't give alot of explanation to this request.  His big case.....over illegal campaign contributions is due to start in the next month or two.  Potential from that case?  Thirty years in prison, if the jury was convinced on all charges and given the max.    Who knows?  Maybe he's deep into debt and willing to market the everyone a different view of John than they were used to?  I'd figure $8 for a pay-per-view episode might be reasonable.....but who would watch such a thing?

We had an odd cop impersonation episode in Arlington over the last week.  Some guy pulls up to a red light where a older gentleman (70 years old) was sitting.  The younger guy yells over to the older guy that he's a cop and that the older guy was speeding.....he wants the older guy to pull over into the parking lot.  So the older guy does this.  The younger guy demands the license and registration.....which the older guy complies by handing over his wallet and registration.  The pretender cop goes back to his car and pretends apparently to be talking to someone over radio or cellphone.....then hands everything back to the old guy, minus $160 that he took out.  Then the young guy left.  Other than a limited description of the younger guy.....there's not much to go on, except he was driving a Mustang.  With all the undercover cops wandering around the DC just can't tell.  That's the sad part about living in an urban area.

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