Friday, 4 May 2012

If You Look for Trouble....

Norfolk, a rather odd place.  I've hinted in the past....that Virginia in four separate states states.  There's the Arlington/Fairfax/Alexandria area....which is a metropolitan neighborhood of DC. There's Richmond by itself, which is some odd leftover of the Civil War.  There's the Shenandoah Valley region which is the heartland of the state.'ve got the coastal region....Norfolk.

This week, the story finally came out about the two reporters for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper....who were set upon by a black mob one evening after leaving a concert in Norfolk.  It was evening hours....a rock was thrown....the male reporter gets out to survey the damage, and starts to get beat up.  His female associate calls 9-11, and then she gets beat up.  The cops eventually arrive and clean up the mess.

Reaction by the newspaper itself? never got mentioned.  It's around two weeks some editorial piece....that the story is kind of told.

Fox News has dumped on the newspaper, and the local cops....mostly because this was a mob situation and shows a pretty sad state of affairs in Norfolk.

I sat and pondered over this.  First, you can list off 500 cities in America...asking the locals where to hang out and what neighborhoods to avoid, and they all have bad neighborhoods to avoid after dark.  Washington DC has vast neighborhoods, where even the cops avoid hanging out unless they get a call to react to.  This couple in Norfolk?  At 11PM....driving around town?  My guess is that they really don't know their bad neighborhoods.

The second observation here?  Newspapers really don't mean much.  When was the last time that the Virginian-Pilot Newspaper covered corruption within city hall or the police force?  When was the last time that they dug into the expense account of the mayor?  What you typically get is a picture on the front page of some miniature-pony with a kid, a couple of stories on car accidents, a construction project paid by the state, another woeful tale of bad Republicans or bad Democrats, and some slanted story on neighborhood improvements.  Folks have figured this game out, and subscriptions are spiraling downward.

The last observation....if you really want to drive at 11PM around bad neighborhoods in America....tote a shotgun.  If you have to get out and get confronted....let folks see the shotgun.  If they feel "lucky"....fine. I'm guessing most folks will just move along and decided that this isn't their lucky night.  The truth is....we'd all be better off just parking the car at 6PM, watching reruns of Gunsmoke, and going to bed at 9PM.  If you run around at 11PM at night in most simply are asking for trouble....sooner or later.

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