Thursday, 3 May 2012

Simply Observations

Some guy, writing for Vanity Fair....went back over President Obama 1995 autobiography "Dreams from My Father".  There's this mysterious girlfriend  that was delivered in magnificent detail.  Well....the writer has now come to realize, after conversations with the President....that this single unusual New York girlfriend....was actually a composite-type character (multiple gals, as the President described her).  It's not a big deal....if you ask me.  But then you come to this odd feeling....what else is composite-character and composite-detail?  This is something you would ponder about.  And this composit-gal....Genevieve?  Well....we aren't even sure if it took four gals to equal a significant Genevieve or twelve gals.

This vet who had the run-in with Spirit Airlines.  The deal is this....the vet has terminal type cancer.  He wanted to shift or change his ticket around, and the airlines has this policy of requiring a doctor's note.  ALL airlines have the same policy.  If you show a doctor's note....then they show some compassion.  Well....the guy's doctor bluntly told him....DON'T travel.  I sat and pondered over this for a while.  The policy is simple and everyone goes by that detail.  I personally don't agree with the vet or boycott of Spirit Airlines.  They went by their rules, and the guy might want to listen to his doctor.

Finally, some guy swears up and down that he found the body of Ossama.  You have to figure the body was dropped at a depth of at least two thousand feet, probably in an area of the size of the northern quarter of Bama.  And this guy says he found it?  And what value is this?  If you drag the body become the most hunted man on the face of the Earth.  I hate to suggest this....but we might have been better off talking a deal up with some Mafia guys from New Jersey.  Those guys know how to hide a body.

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