Monday, 21 May 2012

Simply Observations

Bain Capital.  There's been a lot of harsh criticism of Bain Capital and their methods over the past month.  So you might need a bit of prospective here.  If Bain Capital showed up at your company back in 1998 or 2002, there's a reason for that.  You were either bankrupt, soon-to-be-bankrupt, or marginally surviving at present.  Bain didn't take over successful companies or extremely profitable companies.  Bluntly, your company was a stinking loser, and might not survive.  So Bain had ways to analyze a company and come to two decisions.  The first decision would be to buy, reorganize, dump unprofitable portions, utilize the pension plan for rebuilding, terminate overpaid employees, fire management, and sell real estate or portions of the company.  The results from the first decision meant that some portion of the company did survive, and was worth more than when they bought it.  The second decision?  They bought your bankrupt company and sold out everything from patents to real estate.  Their goal was to make a profit off what was left of the company.  If you had complaints about their should have been looking for ways to save your company way before Bain ever arrived.  It is that simple.

Florida admits that they've been alerted to 53k dead voters who are registered, and could have voted this fall.  Someone finally realized that if you used the social security numbers in can compare the social security databases against your state voter poll on a yearly basis.  The social security database?'s been around for a minimum of thirty years.  Yeah.....maybe folks could have discovered this earlier.

What's it generally cost to put five gold caps on your front teeth and look like an Hollywood hoodlum in public?  Around $1k per tooth (likely $1,250 if you can't find a dentist from El Salvador or Honduras).  Where would a seventeen-year-old kid get $6k to get the gold caps?  Don't know.  Some folks in Florida might wonder about that....especially down in Sanford, Florida.

Not that it really matters, but the Ninth Court of Appeals (the western district of the US)....went ahead on a US-government sponsored conference.  The cost?  A minimum of one million dollars.  The location?  A fancy resort in Hawaii.  Yes, they took their aides, clerks, and just about anyone connected to the Ninth Court.  Yes, each Judge was getting around $391 a day for hotel and food, all compliments of the US government.  I'm guessing that some Senators will decide to ask the Court about this and get absolutely no answers.  My humble opinion is that when you finally demand that all conferences start to occur in Fargo, North Dakota, Midland, Texas, or Provo, Utah.....then this foolishness will just continue on.  When you start to limit hotel costs and per diem funding.....the gang will all fall into line.

Finally, some kid at a high school in North Carolina last into an argument with his social studies teacher, over President Obama.  The teacher wanted to let the kid know that the President was the President, and you just couldn't suggest any disrespect at all against the President.  Then she suggested to the kid that he could be jailed for disrespecting the President.  At some point, a kid in the room educated the teacher that opinions are personal, and you have some kind of right written into the Constitution.  I sat and listened to the conversation....which I doubt that the teacher even knew this was recorded.....and felt kind of sorry for the teacher.  It's another example of how you just need to finish up high school at age sixteen, and let the punks out into the world.  A teacher just can't be as smart as a sixteen year old kid.

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