Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Darn Swiss

The ideal situation in a democracy is that you are smart enough to find a guy, who says he's honest and capable of thinking like you do....and you get enough votes for him to represent you.  Part of the end deal on that the guy you elect....actually reads, comprehends, and is fully willing to vote on things.  If the idiot just goes over to the capital....refusing to vote on anything, then demands a national referendum by the voters, then he's saying he just isn't willing to do his job.

Yeah, kinda like those guys in California for example.

This week, there's an episode that has occurred.....which won't be in your local paper, or spoken about by CNN, ABC, or CBS.  Nobody would dare talk about it because it'd make you start to think about the spiral of things in the US.

Folks in Switzerland for the past decade, have been seeing more and more referendums appear in local and national voting.  The leadership, which they vote and pay salaries to.....really don't want to have any say on things like this.  They'd prefer that the public votes on things, and they ride the easy train into work each day.  No discussions....just let continual national referendums be part of the public situation., there was a vote to occur which will basically says that they've gotten sick and tired of having too much democracy...too much national referendums.

As one individual put it......"too much democracy kills democracy."

Eventually, a guy might get to the point of asking why bother having to pay out money to political folks....if they aren't willing to do the job you elected them to do.  At that point, things might get sour real quick.

You can imagine something like this eventually occurring in California.  Folks realize that nothing ever gets fixed, and this voting mess just means billions gets generated every election year to fight over one cause, or support another.

It's best that CNN avoid discussing this mess.  You'd just start to ask stupid questions, and figure one of the top five problems with politics in America today.

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