Sunday, 10 June 2012


I went out this weekend and watched Prometheus at the theater.  I would have to say that it has a terrific story, and is worth watching.  It's not as gory as Alien was, but it is certainly action-packed.  I would also say that it will twist and turn throughout the you really aren't sure about how it will end. 

It does leave you with two lingering questions.

First, these 'engineers' came and planted mankind....then eventually came to a point where they felt mankind needed to be destroyed....and then finally found that mankind must survive.  The opening scene starts you on this lingering question.  

By the end of the are really curious and left wondering why changed the 'engineer' plan to destroy mankind.  

You are left with literally a dozen clues that convince you that the 'engineers' came back to Earth around the period of Christ, and had the destruction plan in their mind.  Somehow, they just didn't do it.  

The robot commentary at one point in the movie over religious conviction....obviously lays down this idea that motivation can be crafted by a belief.  

This plan in the ending sequence of the one remaining crew member, and David, the robot.....lays out the path that they will seek the planet from where the 'engineers' came find out why destruction was never triggered.

The second question just how far you trust David, the robot?  He is not acting on behalf of any human, and you are left with this thought that David didn't exactly translate things the way they should the remaining 'engineer'.  

David.....I a bigger threat....than the 'engineers' in the end.  

So if you have $12 and an's worth watching.  

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