Friday, 27 July 2012

A Bad Day for CNN

It wasn’t that shocking, but the chief of CNN news….Jim Walton…is quitting. He kinda admits….that things aren’t going well with the network and there’s some need for new leadership and new prospective.

The CNN folks built up this nifty news media in the 1990s and stayed for the most part….fairly neutral. News was news….at least eighty percent of the time. You could accept that. About a decade ago….Fox News came along, with MSNBC, and CNN decided that if they pretended to be neutral….things would be ok. The truth is…they shifted themselves around and they kinda lean more to the left on ten hours a day, and maybe stay neutral for the remaining fourteen hours. Any news that you get off their international team….is mostly slanted against the US in some fashion. You end up laughing if you watch the CNN International News network (if you are overseas).

My advice for CNN? Go raid Fox News and bring over four people. Work up an hour or two around lunch with a right-leaner duo, and go after the lunch-time crowd. Shock your own folks by grining as you pump out various right-wing comments.

Then go and fire that Piers dude who does the evening interview segments….because he’s mostly an idiot, and just not attracting much of anyone. With the two remaining new Fox News guys that you hired….start a 10PM show at night where you go out and find regular people….not these think-tank crowds or stars, but just interview farmers from Iowa, high school basketball coaches, transmission mechanics, real American Indians, and old TV stars from the 1970s. Let the regular folks connect to the heartland, and let the new two former Fox News guys do what they do best….just tell a fair and balanced story with what you got.

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