Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dreams of a President?

Somewhere around mid-November....there's some election results which will come out.  It's hard to predict things but one of the oddball outcomes is that Romney doesn't screw up the election in the final weeks, and somehow President Romney enters office in January.

This would bring up this event that I can see coming.....where outgoing President Obama goes off into a 100-day exile....kinda upset over how his campaign faltered, and comes back with a book, entitled: Dreams of a President.

The book would be a composite of all the things that he would have done.....between 2013 and 2016.  There would be composite meetings, composite characters, composite friction between the two parties which he would have personally worked out with his charisma and charm, composite worldly events, composite TV interviews, and composite speeches.

There'll be five or six speeches laid out that he would have given....if he had been around.  There might even be a 2013 State of the Union speech laid out in the book.

There will be a composite cabinet listing on how he would have changed or modified the entire cabinet....maybe bringing in some Republicans, retired generals, and even David Hasselhof as a Czar of Electric Cars.

There might be a composite story over how he brought the Jews and Arabs to the table, redone Cuban relations to make Cuba a buddy of America, and a list of fourteen accomplishments which allowed him to win the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize (the only guy to ever win two).

Then you'd notice the Today Show interviewing him over the book....almost acting like that it was all stuff that did happen but didn't.  The ABC folks would put up a full hour one night.....talking up the composite things that would have occurred....almost making you believe that it already did happen.  Some folks would start to show up at mental health facilities....reporting that they've started living in an alternate universe, believing that the composite events are all happening.

You'd be sitting out on the front porch....just shaking your head.  A bunch of fictional writing....taken to the extreme....and people acting like fools.  Don't that beat all.

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