Saturday, 28 July 2012

Finding the Right Prospective

This week....up here in this neck of the woods of DC....we had two events where you had to ponder about the right prospective.

First, we had this guy over in Maryland who'd been fired from his job.  The boss had call him and discuss a situation....where fired guy came out and began to make various threats.  Direct threats.

Now, this all occurs on Monday morning.  The boss?  Well....based on every newspaper account....he doesn't get around to calling up the cops until Wednesday...roughly forty-eight hours later. They investigate.  And by Thursday morning....around 3AM....they come over to the house to apprehend the "joker".  The guy sits over at some mental hospital right now while doctors figure out if he's crazy or not.

The thing....there were twenty-odd weapons in the possession of this guy, and several thousand rounds of ammo.  Yeah, there were automatic rifles and such.

So the question is....once this nut made threats over to the phone to the boss on Monday....what happened over the next two days while he waited this out and finally felt the urge to call the cops?  Two days....just thinking about the threat?   Maybe the boss was a guy with patience?  You just don't know.  But he waited.  The nut could have come the first day, or even the second day.

You had to be there....I'm have the right prospective.

The second episode was this knife episode over in Maryland at the post office.  Old guy comes up....retired....needs to do some business at the post office.  A person or two in front of him.  There's some guy to the side....filling out a form.

Well....the guy on the side is asked by the postal clerk to step back up.  The old guy sees this, and freaks out.

A confrontation erupts.  The old guy whips out some four-inch blade knife and there's an attempted stabbing underway.  Somewhere in the midst of this....the postal gal pulls out a can of pepper spray and just goes to work on the old guy.  In the chaos....the old guy retreats, makes it to the car, and is later picked up by the cops.

Almost every single person who knows the old retired guy....a government service guy for thirty-odd years....swears up and down that he's a friendly guy and never the type to get hostile or upset.  No one can figure why he reacted the way that he did.   Other than someone jumping in front of him....there's not much else anybody can say.

Maybe the old guy had too much coffee that morning....maybe too much sugar. Maybe the old guy had a bad night of sleep.  You just don't know.  But the end result now is some prosecutor trying to put the old guy in prison for five years, and maybe some kind of federal charge on assault within a post office.  The sad truth is.....he might have just low on blood sugar and just got upset over mostly nothing.  And for that?  Jail time?  Like I need to find the right prospective.

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